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Building for Our Future

new building

The new, collaborative 11-story, 170,000-square-foot building complex under construction at 433 First Avenue, across the street from NYUCD’s current campus, is nearing the final stages of construction, with move-in slated for January 2015.

The new building, which occupies virtually the entire block from East 25th Street to East 26th Street, will provide an additional 55,000 square feet for NYUCD, which will enable significant added teaching space and relocation of Student Services and Admissions offices, as well as relocation of two academic departments – Biomaterials and Biomimetics and Epidemiology and Health Promotion.

The new facility will also provide a home for the NYU College of Nursing and research space for the new NYU Polytechnic Bioengineering Institute, thereby enabling a truly interdisciplinary partnership with a focus on synergistic academic and research opportunities among the Colleges of Dentistry and Nursing and the Bioengineering Institute.

A structure of immense grace and beauty, as illustrated in the accompanying images, the new building will feature a 10,000 square-foot Learning Commons occupying the entire third floor of the facility, which will be shared with the College of Nursing. The Commons (already visible from the street), will be drenched in sunlight from windows on three sides. The Commons will have seating for 350, eight printing stations, a mix of quiet reading rooms for small and larger groups of students, a reading lounge, a café, a laptop lounge, group study rooms, and a service/help desk.

Other College of Dentistry new building highlights include:

  • three 127-seat lecture halls, with power at each seat in the first three rows
  • an 80-seat classroom
  • four anatomy classrooms that will serve as dual purpose classrooms when not in use by anatomy classes
  • a 27-seat classroom
  • a 15-seat seminar room, and
  • a conference room that seats 12 within the new Student Services and Admissions suite on the first floor.

The building will also feature an elegant 11th floor executive conference room. In the conference room, as throughout the building, warm earth tones predominate.

Another new building highlight is the Student Services and Admissions suite, which will have a "Red Carpet" feel, designed, as Dean Bertolami says, "as a tangible way of showing our students how highly they are valued as individuals and as the future healthcare professionals they will become."

Located on the lobby level behind an etched glass wall, the 3,000 square-foot Student Services and Admissions suite will contain a 32-seat waiting room, a conference room that seats 12, interview rooms for NYUCD applicants that can also serve as multi-purpose areas, and for offices for Financial Aid, Student Services, Student Admissions, International Program Admissions, and Student Advisement. NYUCD students will continue to retain the Student Lounge, Student Study, and
Student Activities offices located on the lower level of the Schwartz Building. Also, all patient treatment areas will remain in the Weissman and Schwartz buildings.

The building’s handsome terracotta façade will be in place by late spring. A new addition to the plans is a welcoming L-shaped courtyard, which will provide a pathway from the E. 25th Street entrance of the Weissman Building to the 433 First Avenue entrance to the new building. Two designs are being considered for the courtyard, options 1 and 2, which are available for naming.