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Degree & Certificate Programs

Summary of Degree & Certificate Programs

Program HEGIS Code Degrees Conferred*
Dentistry** 1204 DDS
Dental Health Education 1213 BS
Dental Hygiene** 5203 AAS
Endodontics 1205 Adv Cert
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 1205 Adv Cert
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics 1205 Adv Cert
Pediatric Dentistry 1205 Adv Cert
Periodontics 1205 Adv Cert
Prosthodontics 1205 Adv Cert
Clinical Research 1299 MS
Biology (Oral Biology)*** 0401 MS
Biomaterials*** 1224 MS
1204/1214 Adv Cert
DDS MPH 1204/1214 MS
1204/0506 MS

HEGIS: Higher Education General Information Survey.

*As registered by the New York State Education Department Office of Higher Education and the Professions, Cultural Education Center, Room 5B28, Albany, NY 12230. Phone: (518) 474-5851.

**Licensure qualifying.

***Degree awarded through Graduate School of Arts and Science.


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