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Advisory Council

Advisory Council


About the NYU College of Dentistry Dean's Strategic Advisory Council

The goal of the Advisory Council is to bring together national thought leaders from dental and related healthcare industries for the purpose of analyzing and acting upon pressing issues facing the dental profession. These include high student indebtedness, new players providing traditional dental services, changes in the dentist-payee relationship, our aging population and their increasingly medically-complex needs, and rapidly changing technology. All these issues affect our ability to recruit and educate the best students who in turn will help define the way dentistry is practiced in the future.

As the largest, most comprehensive, oral health education, research, and patient care center in the world, NYU Dentistry strives to play a meaningful role in addressing these diverse challenges. We seek to partner with our colleagues in the private sector, whose expertise we consider essential in devising solutions prepare the profession to meet current and future challenges.

Fall 2017 Meeting

Reshaping the Importance of Oral Health for the Public - Redefining the Profession for The Future

Monday, October 9, 2017
8:30 am

No Registration

NYU College of Dentistry
Interprofessional Building
433 First Avenue, 11th floor
New York, NY 10010


Dean's Strategic Advisory Council  

Mr. Stanley M. Bergman
Chair, Dean's Strategic Advisory Council
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Henry Schein, Inc.

Dr. Charles N. Bertolami
Herman Robert Fox Dean
NYU College of Dentistry


Dr. Craig Abramowitz
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Dental Care Alliance

Mr. Steve Boggan
President and Chief Executive Officer
BioHorizons Inc.

Mr. Marco Damiani
Executive Director
Metro Community Health Centers

Mr. Peter DuBois
Executive Director
California Dental Association

Dr. Chad Gehani
American Dental Association

Dr. N. Karl Haden
President and Chief Executive Officer
Academy for Academic Leadership

Mr. John Kemp
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Viscardi Center

Dr. Mina Kim
Bryant Park Dental Associates

Mr. Larry McReynolds
Executive Director
NYU Lutheran Family Health Centers


Mr. Jeff Meyerhofer
Senior Vice President
United Healthcare Dental

Dr. Edward O'Neil
O'Neil & Associates

Mr. Steve Pollock
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Olivier Schiller
Managing Director

Mr. Ken Serota

Mr. P. Justin Skala
Chief Operating Officer, North America, Europe, Africa/Eurasia and Global Sustainability
Colgate-Palmolive Company

Dr. Richard Valachovic
President and Chief Executive Officer
President, ADEA Gies Foundation