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Global Health Nexus, Winter 2002

Focus on Alumni: The Pride of NYU Dentistry

Heather DiMatteo, ‘00, Appointed GPR Coordinator at Long Island Jewish Hospital


ERNEST BADEN, Class of 1950, on publishing a chapter entitled “Diagnostic Methodology” in Implants and Restorative Dentistry; on presenting two research papers at the July 2001 International Meeting on Plagues, Epidemics and Societies (“Alexander Yersin: Another Facet of His Genius” and “Head and Neck Manifestations of the Plague); and on presenting two lectures at the University of Nice, France (“The Preventable Ascent of Arturo Ui by Bertold Brecht: An Allegory of Totalitarianism” and “Diagnostic Methodology in Dental Implantology”).

DR. NORMAN D. “SKIP” SPERBER, Class of 1954, the Chief Forensic Dentist for San Diego and Imperial Counties, on his role in helping the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office identify some of the thousands killed when terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center.


DR. STEVEN R. SCHWARTZ, Class of 1983, on the publication of a chapter entitled “Oral and Parenteral Sedation” in the textbook, An Atlas of Minor Oral Surgery.


DR. JUAN CARLOS LOPEZ ALVAREZ, Classes of 1993 and 1995 Advanced Education Programs in prosthodontics and in implant dentistry, respectively, on presenting a two-day continuing dental education course in New Delhi, India, under the auspices of the NYU Continuing Dental Education Program.

DR. MARC BENJAMIN HERTZ, Class of 1995, on authoring “Pharmacology for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery” for the 2001 edition of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America.

DR. SARATH B. THIKKURISSY, Class of 1998, on completing an AEGD Program with the U.S. Air Force; being named United States Air Force Space Command Junior Dental Officer of the Year 2000; and participating as the sole duty dentist during a humanitarian mission to Haiti sponsored by the U.S. Air Force. Dr. Thikkurissy has also begun specialty training in pediatric dentistry at Ohio State University.

Heather DiMatteo, Class of 2000, Appointed GPR Coordinator at Long Island Jewish Hospital. Shown at her graduation, has been appointed Coordinator of the General Practice Residency Program at Long Island Jewish Hospital. Dr. DiMatteo’s appointment came just two days after she completed her own one-year GPR at LIJ. Because there is a faculty practice based at the hospital, Dr. DiMatteo will be able to practice privately in addition to coordinating the GPR Program. Dr. DiMatteo credits Dr. Francis V. Panno, associate dean for clinical affairs, both with preparing and inspiring her to obtain this appointment in just one year.

Nexus Winter 2002

Global Health Nexus

Winter 2002
Vol. 4, No. 1

In this issue:

News from the College

Practicing for LifeSM: The Role of the Forensic Dentist in the Aftermath of the WTC Attacks

In Their Own Words: NYU Dentistry Perspectives on September 11

Dr. Kathleen Agoglia, Dr. Giuseppe Bianco, Ruben Cohen, ’02, Dr. Luigi DeCarolis, Dr. Herbert Frommer, Dr. Robert Glickman, Dr. Jerrold Gultz, Dr. Rodney Liebowitz, Mr. Glenn Marrus, Mr. Darryl Warner

Rising from the Ashes: Dentistry’s Role in National Security

Recruiting the Best
Dr. Page Caufield, Dr. George Cisneros, Dr. Yihong Li, Dr. Ananda P. Dasanayake, Dr. Andrea Schreiber, Dr. Angela Kamer, Dr. Kenneth Fleisher, Dr. Christina Teixeira

Promoting our Own
Dr. Andrew I. Spielman, Dr. Francis V. Panno, Dr. David Sirois, Dr. Louis Terracio, Dr. John Poulos, Dr. Warren Scherer, Dr. Kenneth Allen

International Partners in Health: NYU Dentistry in Tanzania

Grants and Philanthropy

Applause! Applause! Faculty, Student, and Staff News

Focus on Alumni: The Pride of NYU Dentistry
Heather DiMatteo, ‘00, Appointed GPR Coordinator at Long Island Jewish Hospital

Too Few Sirens

Honor Roll of Donors