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Global Health Nexus, Winter 2002

Second Annual White Coat Ceremony

The Class of 2005 was warmly welcomed on September 5, 2001, as NYU Dentistry rolled out its Second Annual White Coat Ceremony. “We have great confidence in our entering students,” said Dean Alfano. “We want them to know that from day one and also to know that the faculty will be with them every step of the way.”

After a talk by Dean Alfano on “Ethics and Integrity in Dental Practice,” the students heard from Dr. Robert J. Garofalo, president of the NYU Dentistry Alumni Association. Then, one by one, each student was called up to be cloaked by a faculty member. The ceremony concluded with both a Student Pledge and a Faculty Pledge affirming mutual commitment to professionalism, humanism, integrity, and ethics, and, in the case of the faculty, to creating a partnership with students on behalf of excellence in scholarship, clinical care, and research.

Following the ceremony in Saklad Auditorium, students and faculty joined together in a less formal setting for a reception in a tent outdoors that had been set up especially for the occasion.

Nexus Winter 2002

Global Health Nexus

Winter 2002
Vol. 4, No. 1

In this issue:

News from the College

Practicing for LifeSM: The Role of the Forensic Dentist in the Aftermath of the WTC Attacks

In Their Own Words: NYU Dentistry Perspectives on September 11

Dr. Kathleen Agoglia, Dr. Giuseppe Bianco, Ruben Cohen, ’02, Dr. Luigi DeCarolis, Dr. Herbert Frommer, Dr. Robert Glickman, Dr. Jerrold Gultz, Dr. Rodney Liebowitz, Mr. Glenn Marrus, Mr. Darryl Warner

Rising from the Ashes: Dentistry’s Role in National Security

Recruiting the Best
Dr. Page Caufield, Dr. George Cisneros, Dr. Yihong Li, Dr. Ananda P. Dasanayake, Dr. Andrea Schreiber, Dr. Angela Kamer, Dr. Kenneth Fleisher, Dr. Christina Teixeira

Promoting our Own
Dr. Andrew I. Spielman, Dr. Francis V. Panno, Dr. David Sirois, Dr. Louis Terracio, Dr. John Poulos, Dr. Warren Scherer, Dr. Kenneth Allen

International Partners in Health: NYU Dentistry in Tanzania

Grants and Philanthropy

Applause! Applause! Faculty, Student, and Staff News

Focus on Alumni: The Pride of NYU Dentistry
Heather DiMatteo, ‘00, Appointed GPR Coordinator at Long Island Jewish Hospital

Too Few Sirens

Honor Roll of Donors