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Treaties On The Disorder And Deformities Of The Teeth And the Gums

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Thomas Berdmore

1769 (2nd edition)

Thomas Berdmore is one of the most important author of early English dental literature. Published 80 years after Charles Allen’s short but concise study of the “Operator for the Teeth”. Berdmore was a member of the Surgeon’s Company and Dentists to King George III. The book was the first attempt to cover the entire field of dentistry. The book had 278 pages divided in 3 parts and a total of 32 chapters. It is noteworthy that Pierre Fauchard’s seminal book already had seen two editions (1728 and 1746) in France and one in German (1733) but it had to wait until 1946 to be translated into English. Although Berdmore new of the French publications the lack of widely available translations led him to fill a void. His book had seen five editions between 1768 and 1777.

Thomas Berdmore was not just a prolific writer he also apprenticed others in the profession, including Robert Woofendale, one of the first to practice dentistry in the Americas (in Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia from 1766-1768) and the first credited to have made a set of dentures for one William Walton of New York.

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