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Opuscula Anatomica

book 1

Bartolomeo Eustachi


Opuscula Anatomica which includes the first Italian independent work (chapter) on teeth, “De Libellus Dentibus”, was also published as a separate volume.

Bartolomeo Eustachi (Eustachius) was a professor of Anatomy at University of Padua. He was contemporary of Andreas Vesalius, the young Flemish anatomist and author of the most famous text in Anatomy (1543, “De Humanis Fabrica”). Our collection includes the compilation and as well as a separate copy of the pamphlet on the teeth.

Opuscula Anatomica is a rare book from a “giant” of Anatomy. The book includes in depth description of the kidneys, the auditory system, the connecting tube between the middle ear and the pharynx, bearing his name, the osteoarticular system, and of the venous system.

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