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Dissertation Sur Les Dents

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Bernardin Martin


One of the first publications in French, dedicated in its entirety to dentistry. This small volume was published almost 50 years before Pierre Fauchard’s seminal work but almost 100 years after the first French book on Dentistry by Hemard (1582). Bernardin Martin (1629-1682?), also known as Benjamin (in Weinberger’s History of Dentistry) or Barthelemy (in Hoffman-Axthelm’s History of Dentistry) was the son of Samuel Martin a pharmacist to Queen Mary De Medici. Bernardin, himself practice as a chemist and became the apothecary to the Prince of Condé. Never the less he also practiced dentistry a profession marginally regulated at the time.

On a trip to Spain he came across Francisco Martinez (1518-1588), the author of the earliest Spanish dental work published in 1557. Bernardin Martin borrowed freely from Martinez’ work without ever crediting the Spanish author. His study is not a scholarly work although it is an early one in the French language. The volume contains 14 chapters dedicated to the nature of the teeth, children’s teeth, preservation of the teeth, tooth deformities, etc.

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