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FAQs: Clinical Research Programs

You will be better placed to obtain job opportunities in the industry of drug development and testing or in academia with your clinical research degree. Our graduates have obtained high paying jobs in industry and academia.

Entry level jobs in industry; obtain experience eligibility for additional certifications such as CCRA (Certificate in Clinical Research Associate) and CCRC (Certificate in Clinical Research Coordinator).

By definition, anyone doing clinical research is a member of a clinical research group. These members hold different titles based on their level of involvement and experience. Some examples are clinical research coordinators (CRC), clinical trial monitors, clinical research associates (CRA), and investigators.  

Based on the level of involvement and experience, salaries can range from 40-80 thousand dollars annually.

Visit NIH website, also the websites of Pharmaceutics companies you are interested in. These websites should be helpful:

While this is not a guarantee, one can certainly enhance their chances of getting into a dental school by having a degree in Clinical Research. We have had several students who completed the certificate and or MS program in clinical research and based on their excellent academic performance, were successful in receiving admissions to various dental schools. Note that there is also a great need for trained clinical research personnel in various professional fields such as the pharmaceutical industry. Please visit the web links listed on our website.

The Clinical Research Program is not affiliated with the DDS program and students are not guaranteed entry into any programs at NYU.

Students are not allowed to drop out of one program and enter into another before graduation. MS students who are enrolled in the program will not be accepted into the NYU DDS program while their studies are ongoing in the Clinical Research Program, E.g. if you are in your first year of the MS program and apply to the DDS program before your second year is completed, you will not be eligible for consideration for the DDS program. This does not affect Certificate students as they graduate within one year.  

Based on academic performance and available slots in the MS program you may be admitted at the discretion of the Admissions committee. However, this request should be made in writing before the beginning of the spring semester in year 1.

Yes. All foreign qualifications MUST be certified by the ECE. We will not accept certificates from other credential evaluation services.  

The code for NYU's College of Dentistry is R2597

You must apply to our program by following the admissions checklist as listed on the website. Our admission process and requirements is different from the applications to other NYU Dental programs.

International applicants who are admitted to the MS or the Certificate Program will be given student visa (F-1) status for the duration of their study (1 year for the Certificate Program and 2 years for the MS Program).  

No. Foreign dentists need to obtain US qualifications to practice dentistry within the US. This program only prepares them for a career in clinical research.  

Foreign students are allowed Optional Practical Training (OPT) after they have completed their studies in the US. Students in the Clinical Research Program are allowed one year of OPT training with the option to renew for an additional 17 months. Visit the website of the Office of International Students and Scholars for further information or

Foreign students are allowed Optional Practical Training (OPT) after they have completed their studies in the US. Visit the website of the Office of International Students and Scholars for further information

It is expected that graduate students will find housing off-campus. If you are a student facing special circumstances, please get in touch with us and we will contact the housing department on your behalf. For more information, please visit the website of the New York University Department of Housing for off-campus and additional housing resources:

 NYU policy states that the students can be full-time only in one NYU program at any given time. If you wish to be in two programs such our MS Program in Clinical Research and one of the international certificate programs such as endodontics, you have to pick one as your full-time program and be part-time in the other. Then as a full-time student in the chosen program, you have to take a minimum of 12 credits within that program each semester. You need to discuss the details of your plan with the program directors of the two programs prior to enrollment.


For more information, please contact:
Juliana Cools
Program Coordinator
(212) 998-9934



Admission Requirements

Here we provide the details about admissions and the criteria.
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