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Donor Recognition 2014

Donor Recognition 2014

NYU College of Dentistry is proud of its expansive alumni community of over 10,000 dental professionals who are leaders in the practice, research and education of dentistry.


For more information, please contact:

Mark S. Wolff, DDS, PhD
Professor and Chair
Associate Dean for Development
Associate Dean for Pre-doctoral Clinical Education
Department of Cariology and Comprehensive Care
(212) 998-9666

Marsha Metrinko
Associate Director, Development and Alumni Affairs
(212) 998-9629

Lauren Siegel
Associate Director for Campaign Operations
(212) 998-9908


Alumni Association

Officers and Directors for 2015-2016

President:          Dr. William Bongiorno, '73

President-Elect:  Dr. Michael Leifert, '02

Vice President:   Dr. Amin Ayoub, '92

Secretary:          Dr. Roya Afshar-Mohajer, '02

Treasurer:          Dr. Vera Tang, '00

Dr. Yakir Arteaga, '00
Dr. Angela De Bartolo, '87
Dr. Adam Eisenberg, '88
Dr. Courtney Linenberg, '06

Dr. Maureen McAndrew,'83
Dr. Marjan Moghadam, '02
Dr. Steven Resnick, '75
Dr. Glenn Rochlen, '86

Dr. Maria Rodriguez, '84
Dr. Mark Schlesinger,'02
Dr. Rada Sumareva, '96
Dr. June Weiss, Faculty  

Honorary Committee

Dr. Ralph Cunningham, '72
Dr. Elise Eisenberg, '84

Dr. Ivy Peltz, '83
Dr. Barbara Slaska, '89

Dr. Eric Studley, '85

Past President Directors

Dr. Kenneth Allen, '73
Dr. Henry Amen, '54
Dr. A. Milton Bell, '51
Dr. Dorline Bosboom, '81
Dr. Herman Bosboom, '44
Dr. Leo Botwinick, '43
Dr. Jeffrey R. Burkes, '75
Dr. Robert Castracane, Fac.
Dr. Ralph Cunningham, '72
Dr. Raymond S. Dziejma, '58
Dr. Elise S. Eisenberg, '84
Dr. Bert D. Gaster, '50
Dr. Robert Garofalo, '66

Dr. Gary R. Goldstein, '69
Dr. Martin Horowitz, '49
Dr. Julie Kazimiroff, '80
Dr. Gerald Klaczany, '86
Dr. Kenneth Klonsky, '80
Dr. Vincent V. LaBruna, '58
Dr. Lloyd S. Landa, '57
Dr. Arthur Marks, '44
Dr. Maura S. Maloney, '92
Dr. Abraham D. Mollin, '35
Dr. Elliott Moskowitz, '72
Dr. Francis Murphy, '72
Dr. Ivy Peltz, '83  


Dr. Ignatius Quartararo, '52
Dr. Norman Rogoff, '41
Dr. Sidney I. Silverman, '37
Dr. Walter Silverstein, '66
Dr. Michael L. Sinkin, '82
Dr. Paul J. Spada, '60
Dr. Jay Steinberg, '72
Dr. Arnold H. Stern, '55
Dr. Daryl Styner, '78
Dr. Lucy Troncoso, '94
Dr. John J. Young, '54
Dr. Daniel Wank, '86
Dr. Gerald S. Wank, '49  

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