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Academy Membership

NYU College Of Dentistry

The NYU College of Dentistry’s Academy of Distinguished Educators is committed to improving the quality of teaching and learning at the College. We hope to engage faculty members to pursue higher standards through innovation and scholarship. Most Academy programs are open to all faculty members at the College, including pedagogical training programs and peer to peer support systems. Membership is open to all faculty members who demonstrate a passion and commitment to our mission. The Academy seeks to represent our diverse faculty body, including clinical educators, junior faculty members, and non-tenured academics. We encourage full time and part time faculty who have been actively teaching for five or more years (in our outside of the College) to apply. The application is meant to be a flexible document, and as such all applications can include supplemental materials.

The following are key talents and qualities valued by Academy Members:

  • Teaching and Learning: Innovative work shared with a community, mentoring, teaching effectiveness, commitment to professional development
  • Demonstrated excellence and outstanding accomplishment in one or more of the following four areas of educational activity: 1) Direct Teaching & Evaluation; 2) Development of Educational Materials; 3) Educational Mentorship/Leadership; 4) Educational Research
  • Work Attitude: Reliable, dedicated, efficient, responsible, team player, collegial
  • Personal Qualities: Humility, open mindedness, communication passion, motivation, drive, perseverance

Candidates prepare an application comprised of a personal statement and a teaching portfolio that is reviewed by the executive leadership of the Academy. Final selection is made by the Academy's general membership working group.

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Contract Renewal for Non-Tenured Faculty: Non-tenured full-time Academy members receive annual 3-year contract renewals upon their acceptance into the Academy
  • Tenure and Promotion: Membership is an honor and the result of a peer review process
  • Impact: Members have opportunities to influence practice and policy at the College
  • Project Funding: Members have access to funds for educational projects  

Academy Membership is open to any NYUCD faculty member who:

  • Has a minimum of five (5) years teaching experience (in or outside the College)
  • Is actively engaged in teaching dental students and/or residents

NOTE: There is no academic rank or degree requirement for application to the Academy; the focus is on outstanding accomplishment. Strongest applicants to the Academy will demonstrate scope and impact beyond their home department.

Academy members are obligated to show ongoing achievement as educators and contribute to the education mission of NYU. This achievement will be demonstrated by providing evidence of the following:

  • Contribution to the University: Members of the Academy must endeavor to be exemplary in all areas of academic life. One factor in ongoing membership in the Academy is demonstration of ongoing excellence in education and professionalism within the University. Academy members must maintain an exemplary record of achievement in at least one of the following areas: Teaching and Evaluation, Development of Educational Materials, Educational Mentorship/Leadership, and/or Educational Research. Members who do not show ongoing effort and excellence in one of these areas may be denied ongoing membership in the Academy.
  • Contribution to the NYU Academy of Distinguished Educators: Academy Members must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the success of the Academy by being engaged and active participants. Unlike other awards available to NYU faculty, Academy Membership is not intended to be solely honorific. Members are expected to be present at no less than two thirds of official Academy meetings, sit on at least one committee during their tenure, and to be involved in at least one educational scholarship project during their Membership term.

  • Newly inducted Academy members serve for five years.
  • After serving for five years, members are eligible to become "Academy Fellows."
  • "Academy Fellow" is an honorary title given to members who have served five years and who have been active, exemplary Academy members by serving on committees, engaging in mentorship, and/or conducting education-related research.
  • Academy Fellows who wish to maintain an active role in the Academy must meet eligibility requirements set forth in the by-laws of the Academy.

Apply for Membership

Please download the Application Form here:

The Application Form consists of the following five components:

  1. A biographical sketch
  2. A personal statement briefly describing why your experience and qualifications make you particularly well-suited for Academy Membership (1 page maximum)
  3. A listing of previous positions held and honors received
  4. A teaching portfolio. NOTE: Your teaching portfolio is the single most important part of your application for Academy membership. Successful applicants will have spent significant time developing their portfolios. Please use the Academy Teaching Portfolio Template for your portfolio. The portfolio is designed to help organize your information. It can be downloaded here:
  5. Three letters of recommendation

The deadline for applications has now passed. Successful applicants will be notified by the last week in August.


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