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Department of Biomaterials: Spotlight

Awards and Honors

John L. Ricci, PhD

Awards and Honors

Dr. John L. Ricci, associate professor of biomaterials and director of the Master of Science in Biomaterials program at NYU, received the 2018 Technology Innovation and Development Award presented by the Society For Biomaterials (SFB) on April 14, 2018. Presented each year at the SFB Annual Meeting, the Technology Innovation and Development Award recognizes "successful application of basic and applied biomaterials research in the development of a novel medical product or technology that significantly benefits the health and well-being of medical and surgical patients." This year's award was presented jointly to Dr. Ricci and to Dr. Harold Alexander, director of the Musculoskeletal Research Center in the NYU Langone Hospital for Joint Diseases, for their work in the development of the Laser-Lok surface for BioHorizons implants. To date, their Laser-Lok technology has been used in more than two million implants across more than one million patients, with a published 99 percent success rate.



Yu Zhang, PhD

Yu Zhang

Dr. Yu Zhang, associate professor of biomaterials, received the Kathleen C. Kinnally Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award at the College's 2018 Research Scholarship Expo, held from April 25–27. Dr. Zhang's research interests include the development of functionally graded ceramics for damage resistance, aesthetics and bioactivities and mechanical reliability, and fatigue damage assessment of biomechanical structures-all-ceramic dental crowns and ceramic hip components. More recently, Dr. Zhang has initiated new research directions, developing bulk nanostructured zirconia and alumina ceramics for superior translucency and strength using novel ceramic consolidation technologies. In addition, he has worked to improve the resistance to chipping and fracture of porcelain-veneered zirconia and lithium dislocate dental prostheses via the design of a graded veneer/core interface and the optimization of material and processing parameters. Dr. Zhang's keynote address, titled "Developing Novel Ceramic Restorative Materials for Enhanced Performance," was delivered on Friday, April 27, 2018, at 433 First Avenue.  


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