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Graduate Students and FTRG Externs

Maviya Ahmad

I am a rising senior at Hunter College majoring in Psychology. My interests lie in mood and anxiety disorders, specifically OCD and GAD and how partners help or exacerbate their symptoms. I am planning on taking a gap year or two to focus on research and then pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Christina Argyros

I am part of the FTRG team as a coder in training and my time here has been a great learning experience. I have a Bachelor's in Psychology from Pace University and I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Teacher's College, Columbia University. My goal is to obtain a PhD in clinical psychology and become a licensed clinician.

Barbara De Barros

I am currently a junior at NYU, pursuing a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Politics. While I do hope to incorporate the two in the future, my current plan is to attend graduate school to study child and adolescent psychology. 

Allie Degen

I am a junior at NYU majoring in Psychology with a minor in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies (CAMS). I am especially interested in how stress and dominance behaviors can affect interpersonal relationships, particularly in adolescents. Further, I would like to investigate how these factors can contribute to mental illness. I plan to pursue a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and ultimately, my main goal is to start my own practice where I can work with clients affected by eating disorders and coexisting conditions. 

Roua Eltayeib

I am recent graduate from the City College of New York with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and biology. I plan to apply for graduate school this semester to pursue a career in marriage and family therapy. I hope to start a group therapy in my Sudanese community in the future to make speaking about mental health less taboo. I am interested in improving my listening and observational skills through coding at FTRG to ultimately make me a better therapist in the future.

Jadene Eusebio-Ronco

I am a senior at Hunter College, majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology. I am interested in pervasive developmental disorders. After graduation, I plan to pursue a Master's Degree in quantitative psychology, in hopes of building a bridge between quantitative methods and PDD through the usage of statistical modeling.

Nicole Gavrilova

Currently, I am a rising junior at Hunter College pursuing a BA in psychology. I discovered my passion for psychology in my freshman year and knew immediately that I want to use this passion to create positive change in the world around me. Right now I am unsure of what specific area of study I would like to pursue, so I am just exploring all the fascinating and exciting topics this field has to offer. I love reading books, blogs, and listening to podcasts about psychology to take my learning beyond the classroom.

Delina Haile

I'm currently a senior at St. John's University majoring in psychology with a minor in business. I'm very passionate about learning new things in the field of psychology. After I graduate, I plan to get my PhD in clinical psychology with a focus in trauma. My goal is to work with refugees around the world who have experienced traumatic events while also helping them to adjust to their new environment.

Moises Hernandez

I am an undergraduate sophomore student at St. John’s University, majoring in Psychology. I am fascinated by mental health topics such as self-esteem, self-compassion, social anxiety, depression, and other anxiety disorders. I plan to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology after obtaining my bachelor’s degree. 

Shabeba Islam

I am currently a junior at NYU, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies and Sociology. I plan to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology. I am strongly interested in disorders such as autism and OCD, and also have a keen interest in perceptions of danger and implications in the legal justice system.

Caroline Kaleda

I have been at FTRG since September 2014 as an RMICS coder. Currently, I am helping to develop the new RMICS 2.1 coding system. I graduated from the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter with a BA in Psychology and English, and am now pursuing a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling at NYU.

Claudia Liu

I recently graduated from NYU with a bachelor's degree in psychology. I also got minors in web programming & applications and business studies. During my college career, I developed a passion for mood disorders and their treatments. Working at FTRG gives me a comprehensive understanding of psychology research, and I want to use the skills set and experience that I acquired from here to pursue my future goal. I want to obtain a PhD in clinical psychology in near future.

Yanina Nemirovsky

I am about to start my masters in clinical social work at NYU. I graduated Hunter College with a major in Psychology and a minor in Russian Language & Literature. I am an RMICS coder at FTRG and look forward to learning more and pursuing my career in the mental health field.

Linh Nguyen

I am currently a junior in St. John's University with a double major in Psychology and French. I have been truly fortunate with the opportunities given at SJU and now at FTRG to be exposed to different types of studies and aspects of research. As an international student from Vietnam, I'm particularly interested in language acquisition and the effects a bi- or multi-cultural and/or -lingual background has on personality and development. I hope to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology and to continue on with academia in the future.

Haley Park

I am a recent graduate from New York University with a bachelor's degree in psychology. I plan to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology as I am interested in psychiatric patient care and research, and mental health advocacy. Ultimately, I want to be a clinical psychologist at a hospital working to treat children and adolescents with mental illness.

Sinan Pirovic

At the moment, I am currently an undergraduate student from Hunter College while majoring in Psychology. I hope to pursue a Master’s later on in my academic career pertaining to counseling with younger children as I feel the development of children is a fascinating, but also fragile, topic to take part in. I'm excited to be a member of FTRG as I feel it will offer some good research experience that could also aid a good cause. 

Yinan He

I am currently a senior at Hunter College majoring in Psychology. After I graduate, I plan to get a PhD/PsyD in Clinical Psychology and eventually become a psychologist. I am interested in this field because I imagine it must be very difficult to overcome the challenges that are brought on by mental illnesses, and I would like to be able to provide as much help as I can to those in need.

Lili Kunfalvi

I am currently pursuing my master's degree in Social and Consumer Psychology at New York University. I previously managed netnographic research projects at a small firm. My interest includes the presence of various mental disorders (especially anxiety and depression) in the online world and potential ways we can utilize online mediums in treatment.

Ayesha Ranjha

I am a junior at Hunter College with a major in Psychology and minor in Chemistry. I am interested in personality disorders and how they are influenced by social and environmental aspects. I plan on applying to medical school after graduation and becoming a psychiatrist.

Sophia Wang

I am a sophomore at NYU majoring in psychology. I am greatly interested in human emotions and its application in Artificial Intelligence field. After graduation, I am planning to pursue law school with concentration in intellectual property law/international law.

Huihua Ye

I recently graduated from Fordham Univeristy with a B.S in Biology and Psychology. I am greatly interested in learning how children develop during their early lifespan. I like to working with kids and plan to pursue a doctoral degree in developmental psychology.




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