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Faculty Information

Deepak Saxena, MS, PHD

Deepak Saxena, MS, PhD

Associate Professor
Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology
Room 921-B Dental Center, 421 First Avenue
Phone: 212-998-9256
Fax: 212-995-4087


Postdoc, New York University 1999-2005
PhD, Microbiology, MS University of Baroda, India 1999
DBM, Business Management, NM Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, India 1996
MS, Microbiology, MS University of Baroda, India 1990
BS, Zoology, Physiology, MS University of Baroda, India 1988


We are trying to establish the association between the oral micobiota, chronic inflammation and carcinogenesis. Using squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) and osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) as a model, we want to develop "unique bacterial signature" and identify various bacteria which are predominantly present in SCC and ONJ. We use microbiome and metagenomic sequencing methods to follow the relative abundance of microbes in a community over time. These microbial communities exhibit rich ecological dynamics and an important goal of microbial ecology is to infer the interactions between species from sequence data. The other focus area is to use comparative genomics approach in determining the difference in the genomic composition of bacteria. These patterns of genomic variation across virulent bacteria or the differences between virulent and non virulent strains are used in interpreting both the genomic history of an organism and the functional interpretation of the genomic organization. Further, we utilize systems biology and machine learning approaches to classify bacterial strains involved in human health and disease.



NIH: Clinical and Translational Science Center, Weill Cornell Medical Center

Lustgarten Foundation


Complete listing available on the NYU Health Sciences Library site.

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