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The Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation


The Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation from Don Whitley Scientific is the latest innovation in workstation technology. The workstation ensures a strictly anaerobic environment and it is temperature controlled to currently maintain a 37C incubation setting. There are two gloveless sleeve-gassing entry ports (sleeves not shown) to access the main compartment, which has a capacity of up to 600 90mm plates. The built-in, 12-liter, rapid-cycle side airlock has the capacity to introduce up to 40 plates into the workstation at a time. The workstation has automated humidity control and an automated commissioning cycle, controlled from an intuitive touch-screen control panel. Tangential fans create laminar flow in the chamber and the internal atmosphere is constantly being circulated over catalyst, Anotox (activated carbon impregnated with ferric hydroxide), and heating mat for a consistent and strictly anaerobic environment. The patented Anotox removes the hydrogen sulfide and volatile fatty acids that poison the catalyst, and thus prevents the catalyst from having to be routinely removed and regenerated. Gas tanks in use are one mixed specialty gas tank (10% H2, 10% CO2, 80% N2) and one Nitrogen tank. The main compartment contains a shelf and two internal power sockets. The Anaerobic Conditions Monitoring System monitors and displays real time oxygen levels within the workstation and the oxygen sensor is easily calibrated using the touch screen.


  • No gloves, no sleeves - complete bare-handed working
  • Automated humidity control with no user maintenance
  • Internal storage shelf
  • Rapid, built-in airlock with mechanical and electrical interlocks - no risk of compromising conditions inside the chamber
  • Touch-screen interface with password protected user levels
  • Dual gas operation and automatic commissioning cycle
  • Constructed from 10mm thick annealed acrylic, most robust chambers available
  • No requirement to bake catalyst, simply replace catalyst and Anotox annually
  • Tangential fans create laminar flow in chamber, internal atmosphere is constantly being circulated over catalyst, Anotox, and heating mat for a consistent and strictly anaerobic environment
  • Double internal power socket, 2 Amp max
Anaerobic Workstation


Capacity (Liters)


Capacity (Petri Dishes)


Gas Supply

1 x ANO2 = 10% H2, 10% CO2, 80% N2  OR

1 x ANO2 and Nitrogen

Airlock Cycle Time

60 seconds

Airlock Capacity (Petri Dishes)

40 plates

Dimensions (w/d/h in mm)

1255 x 720 x 710

Weight (lbs/kg)


Temperature Range

5°C above ambient up to 45°C

Relative Humidity

Maximum 80% RH, without significant condensation


110 V, 50-60 Hz


345 East 24th Street, New York, NY
Room 1010S


Yihong Li, DDS, MPH, DrPH, Director
(212) 995-4087

Please contact Yihong Li to schedule initial training and to make reservations for use.


The overall goal of the Anaerobic Workstation is to facilitate cutting-edge research in clinical microbiology, antimicrobial treatment evaluation, and infectious disease identification performed by investigators at NYU College of Dentistry and NYU research community.


Please contact us with your usage needs for determination of cost.

After-Hours Contact

For after-hours workstation troubleshooting and questions, please contact:

Jason Cadle
Sales Manager
Microbiology International
Office: (800) 396-4276
Cell: (240) 396-6633