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Microbiome/Sequencing Facility

MiSeq desktop sequencer


The MiSeq desktop sequencer allows you to access more focused applications such as targeted gene sequencing, metagenomics, small genome sequencing, targeted gene expression, amplicon sequencing starting at 10 ng DNA, and HLA typing. New MiSeq reagents enable up to 15 Gb of output with 25 M sequencing reads and 2x300 bp read lengths.

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MiSeq Applications and Important Links


Data Storage

Responsibility of the user.


345 East 24th Street, New York, NY
Room 921

Contact Scientist/Operator:

Deepak Saxena, PhD, Director
(212) 998-9256

Smruti Pushalkar, PhD, Manager
(212) 998-9456


NYU College of Dentistry (NYU Dentistry) Microbiome and Sequencing Core’s mission is to help facilitate cutting-edge genomics research at NYU Dentistry by providing rapid high-throughput sequencing services, consultation and expert assistance in strategic planning and method development. The NYU Dentistry Microbiome Core Facility is established to provide technical and research support to study community structure and function of host-associated microbial populations.


  • Full 16S microbiome sequencing and analysis service
    (96 samples, includes preparation): $14,000
  • MiSeq 2 X 300 cycle run without preparation or analysis: $2850
  • Analysis support per run: $1800-2400,  dependent on number of samples
  • Download analysis to local drive: $75
  • MiSeq consulting charges: $ 100/hour (first-time consultation); $75/hour (subsequent hours)