Council on Humanitarianism

Council on Humanitarianism


The Council on Humanitarianism strives to foster a compassionate and trusting environment that promotes mutual respect beyond hierarchies, celebrates diversity, and enhances community at NYU College of Dentistry.


Who We Are

A collective of faculty, staff, and administrators who serve as Ambassadors committed to enhancing community, connections, and engagement at NYU College of Dentistry.

What We Do

Cultivate a more positive, diverse, and engaged community across all members of our College by creating a platform for support of College and University programs, initiatives, and events in collaboration with departments/offices to achieve their goals.

How We Do It

  • Council Ambassadors:
    Council on Humanitarianism "Ambassadors" are a collective of faculty, staff, and administrators committed to enhancing community, connections, and engagement at NYU College of Dentistry. Ambassadors deepen their role and commitment to the College in their everyday work and lives by helping to foster a positive, trusting, highly professionalized and inclusive environment and determine ways to support and lead programs at the College toward that goal.

  • Monthly Council Meetings:
    All members of the Council are invited and encouraged to come together monthly to share ideas on how we can meet our goas, develop relationships with those involved in the programs and initiatives that we support, and share updates on the efforts of each ​working group.

  • Bi-annual Council Retreats:
    Twice a year, each fall and spring, the full Council on Humanitarianism comes together for a working retreat to expand our membership, further develop connections among council members, create opportunities for creativity in community-building at the College, and to reflect on our individual and combined power and achievements in creating a positive change to our environment in the year ahead.
  • Working Groups Dedicated to the Work of Culture Change:
    All members of the Council on Humanitarianism are invited to participate in one ​of several ​working groups. These ​working groups support and further the Council's mission ​by:
    • ​Identify​ing​ existing events and initiatives at the College that offer opportunities to celebrate and build connection across members of the NYU Dentistry community.
    • Collaborat​ing​ with sponsoring departments to support widespread engagement and participation.
    • Identify​ing​ and promot​ing​ ​new and existing ​opportunities for professional development and training opportunities at the College to enhance widespread engagement and participation from faculty, staff, and administrators across all areas.
    • Coordinat​ing​ the initiatives and collaborative work of the other working groups to help identify opportunities to set clear goals for assessing and measuring success in the short- and long-term.
    • Identify​ing​ opportunities to communicate with the College community about who we are, and our goal to build community, foster authentic connections, and enhance collaborative engagement in the NYU Dentistry community.
    • Collaborat​ing​ with the larger Council and departments ​throughout the College ​to anchor the positive shifts in the environment into the culture of the College in lasting ways.
  • Programs, Initiatives, and Events:
    Below are examples of some of the recent programs, initiatives, and events launched and sponsored or supported by the Council on Humanitarianism:
    • Council on Humanitarianism Incentive Program: CHIPS (May, 2017)
    • Dean's Boardwalk BBQ community event at Riverpark (May, 2017)
    • Spirit Week & Humanitarianism Pledge Day (May, 2017)
    • NYU Oral Cancer Walk Humanitarianism Team (April, 2017)
    • NYU Global Home Headshots & Support Initiative (March, 2017)
    • ILearn Training Brown Bag Lunches (February, 2017)
    • Humanitarianism Council Afternoon Tea Meet-n-Greets (May, 2016; January, 2017)
    • Dean's Humanitarianism Council Lectures (June, 2016; November, 2016; April, 2017)
    • Council on Humanitarianism Retreats (June 2016; September 2016; November, 2016)

​I​f you have any questions or are interested in learning more about the Council, please email:

Council Meeting, Summer 2016



Boardwalk BBQ 2017


Retreat 2016

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