Faculty Services

Faculty Services supports the academic mission of the more than 800 faculty members who have research, clinical, educational, and administrative roles at NYU Dentistry. The office provides resources for faculty in initiatives related to recruitment and retention, credentialing, promotion, and faculty development. The office also serves as the liaison to NYU for all matters related to academic appointments.


NYU Dentistry is committed to and responsible for providing equal employment opportunity in recruitment and employment without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, citizenship status, marital or parental status, disability or military or veteran status, and to comply with applicable New York State and federal legislation.



The 2022 Benefits Guide for Full-Time Faculty contains comprehensive information about the benefits available to you. Additionally, a robust set of decision support tools are available on the Benefits Resource Center to assist your selection of benefits that best fit your needs. Please consult and consider these resources during Annual Enrollment each fall or, if you are new to NYU, when making your elections within 31 days of your date of hire. In addition to the Benefits Guide, please consult the benefits Legal Notices.

As a part-time Adjunct Faculty member in the College of Dentistry, review the 2022 Benefits Guide for Adjunct Faculty - College of Dentistry for information on benefits and eligibility.


Appointments, Promotion & Tenure

Criteria for appointment, promotion, and tenure are specified in New York University’s faculty handbook. We have also defined NYU Dentistry–specific appointment and promotional policies.

*For additional information on the promotion process, please contact Angela Banegas at angela.banegas@nyu.edu.


Faculty Third & Sixth Year Review

The third- and sixth-year reviews provide each full-time, junior, tenure-track faculty member with a critical assessment of his or her progress. The review can give junior faculty an opportunity to obtain advice pertinent to their academic career.

Advice can include suggestions on relevant activities, such as teaching, research, and scholarly achievements. The review may also serve as a source of practical advice on preparing manuscripts, grant applications, and presentations in teaching or research seminar venues.

  • Process: In September of each academic year, Faculty Services notifies the chair and departmental administrator of each department in which faculty are eligible for review.



  • What is CACTUS?
    The CACTUS Software is a computer technology that allows healthcare organizations to credential and maintain all state licenses and certifications to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • How does CACTUS work?
    CACTUS is the database in which all provider information is stored for consistency and confidentiality in the credentialing process. It has a built-in interface with the National Practitioner Data Bank and Office of Inspector General.  

What is AppCentral?

AppCentral is the software that maintains the faculty credentialing application and distributes it electronically. All information on the e-application is automatically sent back to CACTUS for verification.


Faculty Leaves


Requests for Sabbatical Leave for full-time tenured faculty for the academic year 2021-2022 are now being accepted.

  • Eligibility for a sabbatical leave is limited to full-time members of the faculty who have achieved tenure rights and who have completed six years of full-time service as members of the faculty at New York University. In general, at least six years must elapse between consecutive sabbaticals.
  • Sabbatical leave application
  • Process: The completed form should be submitted to your Department Chair for approval. When filling out the application be sure to describe what you plan to do in sufficient detail for the AP&T Committee to understand the following:
    • What you will do?
    • What you personally expect to gain?
    • What impact this will have on your scholarship and/or teaching?
    • What impact this will have on your department and the College of Dentistry?
  • Please visit the Sabbatical Leave page for additional information, or please contact Angela Banegas, Director, Faculty Services at angela.banegas@nyu.edu.


Illness/Disability Leave and Maternity Leave

The salary of a Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty or a Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty member may be continued for up to six months at the discretion of the dean, for an absence caused by illness or disability, subject to approval by the Office of the Provost. For additional information on the process, please contact Angela Banegas, Director, Faculty Services at angela.banegas@nyu.edu.