Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the following link to find more information about NYU’s tuition remission program, including eligibility requirements:

If you are in need of a Leave of Absence, you may contact NYUCD’s Leave Management Specialist, Chervon Charles at 212-998-2188.

If you are requesting a Family Medical Leave (FMLA), you should also contact our vendor, Liberty Mutual, to initiate your leave. Click here to obtain the contact information for Liberty Mutual:

If you are new to the myTime system, you can enroll in an online tutorial through NYUiLearn. Search the Course Catalog for the myTime tutorial applicable to your employee group.


You can also click on this link and review the Quick Steps guides:

If you are missing a paycheck, contact Jocelyn Ochoa, Budget Manager at NYUCD, at 212-998-9792 or.

You can add, remove and update your direct deposit account(s) information in PeopleSync. For more information on managing your Direct Deposit Information, please go to

Having email issues? Contact ITS at 212-998-3333.

If you need to update personal information such as your home address, emergency contacts or work telephone number, you can do so by logging in to PeopleSync.

Log into NYU Home. Click on the Work Tab and then on PeopleSync Login. Click on Personal Information and select the topic you would like to edit in the Change list. You will be able to make and submit all your updates.

In PeopleSync, you are able to update your information such as Marital Status and Number of Allowances. You will also have the ability to electronically verify your Federal Withholding Election form, also known as Form W-4.

If you are experiencing issues using NYUiLearn, you may contact ITS at 212-998-3333, Monday - Friday, 8AM - midnight, and weekends from noon - midnight or e-mail at

If you lost your NYU ID card, contact Human Resources and Faculty Services at 212-998-9810.

Want a discount? Click here to review all the discounts available to you as an employee or faculty member: