NYU Dentistry/ADEA Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program Celebrates Exceptional First Year

Mitchell Lipp

By Mitchell J. Lipp, DDS, NYU Dentistry/ADEA ADCFP Coordinator and Mentor


NYU Dentistry has a long history of partnering with students on behalf of excellence in education. These values are embodied in the NYU Dentistry/ADEA Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADCFP). ADCFP establishes mentoring relationships between dental students and faculty members. Through regular meetings, action plans, and projects, students gain insight into various aspects of dental education. The program began as a selective national program and grew to become a much larger program coordinated by ADEA, and organized and administered within individual dental schools. 2016-2017 was NYU Dentistry's first year and what a year it was!

Fifteen faculty mentor-student fellow pairs completed the program and received certificates. In addition to the varied activities of the mentor-fellow pairs, we organized dinners at the College to foster camaraderie and to consider teaching and learning in a broader context of scholarship, inquiry, and discovery.

In October, mentor Dr. Ralph V. Katz and fellow, Clara T. Lee, '19, hosted a dinner book club discussion of a biography of Charles Darwin, The Power of Place, Vol II, by Janet Browne. In February, mentor Dr. Edmund Khoo and fellow, Dayoon Lee, '18, hosted a second dinner meeting in which fellows presented "short talks" and discussed their projects.

In March, nine fellows presented at the ADEA Annual Session. They actively participated in educational programs, posters, and the ADEA TechExpo:

  • Branden Brar, '19 (mentor - Dr. Alexander Ross Kerr) - "A Case Report: Acute Myeloid Leukemia;"
  • Li-Jen Chang, '19 (mentor - Dr. Frederick G. More) - "The Efficacy of Student Peer Assessments and How It Contributes to His or Her Professional Development;"
  • Kiyoung Cho, '19 (mentor - Dr. Lipp) - "What Can Uber and Airbnb Teach Us About Dental Education?" 
    • Mr. Cho was also invited to present at the ADEA Chair of the Board of Directors Symposia;
  • Jacqueline Heath, '17, Mahdi Taebi Harandi, '18, and Lyndon K. Tran, '19 (mentor - Dr. Lipp) - "E-learning Modules for Standardization in Predoctoral Orthodontics;"
  • Dayoon Lee, '18 (mentor - Dr. Khoo) - "The Effects of Predoctoral Orthodontic Education on the Perceived Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment - A Survey Study;"
  • Nicole C. Liu, '19 (mentor - Dr. Analia Veitz-Keenan) - "Interactive Media Embedded in Pre-clinical Education to Improve Learning;"
  • Elizabeth M. Maas, '19 (mentor - Dr. Andrew I. Spielman) - "A 12-year Survey on VitalBook Usage at NYU College of Dentistry;"
  • and Amanda M. Muzzio, '18 (mentor - Dr. Veitz-Keenan) - "The Benefits and Perceptions of Peer Assisted Learning."

Also in March, Clara T. Lee, '19 (mentor - Dr. Katz) presented an IADR abstract, "Mistrust in Health Care Practitioners vs. Mistrust in Medical Researchers and Potential for Impact on Health Care and Survival: Blacks vs. Whites."​

In April, Victor Chow, '17 (mentor - Dr. John R. Calamia), presented at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry University Forum, "Soft Tissue Root Coverage and Porcelain Veneers." He received the Honorable Esthetic Achievement Poster Students (HEAPS) Award -- one of only four recipients nationally!

In short, we have a lot to celebrate.

Congratulations to the fellows who completed the NYU Dentistry/ADEA ADCFP in its inaugural year at the College:
  • Alvin Babu, '19
  • Branden Brar, '19
  • Li-Jen Chang, '19
  • Kiyoung Cho, '19
  • Victor Chow, '17
  • Timothy Dang, '17
  • Jacqueline Heath, '17
  • Clara T. Lee, '19
  • Dayoon Lee, '18
  • Nicole C. Liu, '19
  • Elizabeth M. Maas, '19
  • Amanda M. Muzzio, '18
  • Ishwarpreet Singh, '18
  • Lyndon K. Tran, '19
  • Sooha Yim, '19