Dr. Daniel Malamud Named 2022 AAAS Fellow

Dr. Daniel Malamud Named 2022 AAAS Fellow

Daniel Malamud, PhD, a leading expert in salivary diagnostics and infectious diseases and a professor of molecular pathobiology at NYU College of Dentistry until his retirement in 2021, has been recognized as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s largest general scientific society and publisher of the Science family of journals.

Dr. Malamud’s research has explored infectious diseases including HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and Zika; the biochemistry of saliva; and the development of new diagnostic tools to detect bacterial or viral infections. He is especially interested in creating novel diagnostics using oral biomarkers captured in saliva, given that saliva is more easily obtained than blood samples. Much of his research career focused on HIV, including the development of an anti-HIV drug using a saliva-derived molecule. More recently, he adapted a saliva-based HIV test to create a rapid Zika test that simultaneously detects Zika RNA and anti-Zika antibodies in saliva in less than an hour.

“Dan Malamud is a giant in his field,” said Charles N. Bertolami, DDS, DMedSc, Herman Robert Fox Dean of NYU Dentistry. “His research responding to pressing health needs with innovative solutions has greatly improved public health at the global level. His friends and colleagues at NYU Dentistry rejoice in this well-deserved recognition of a lifetime of scientific achievement. He has long been a personal mentor and role model for me dating back to the 1980s.”

Dr. Malamud is among the more than 500 scientists, engineers, and innovators who have been elected 2022 Fellows for their scientifically and socially distinguished achievements throughout their careers. A tradition dating back to 1874, election as an AAAS Fellow is a lifetime honor.

“AAAS is excited to announce the newest class of fellows from across the scientific enterprise in a tradition dating back nearly 150 years and to honor their broad range of achievements,” said Sudip Parikh, AAAS chief executive officer and executive publisher of the Science family of journals.