Perfection! Class of 2023 Scores 100% INBDE Pass Rate

Perfection! Class of 2023 Scores 100% INBDE Pass Rate

Congratulations to our DDS Class of 2023 for their stellar performance on the INBDE!

For the past several years, our dedicated faculty and staff have been harnessing the science of learning in unique preparation for the Class of 2023 to take the INBDE, which is designed to provide information to U.S. dental boards seeking to determine whether licensure candidates have the necessary level of clinical skills to practice entry-level dentistry safely.

According to Dr. Andrea Schreiber, who oversaw the student preparation process in her former role as vice dean for education, “One of my main objectives after the 2017 Commission on Dental Accreditation site visit was to focus on the transition of the national boards from the two-part National Board Dental Exam (NBDE I & II) to the single Integrated National Board Dental Exam (INBDE). Accordingly, we created the Senior Academic Leadership Team (SALT), with the aim of ensuring that we ‘teach and test in an integrated fashion.’ To that end, INBDE Prep Course Directors Dr. Analia Veitz-KeenanDr. Johanna WarshawDr. Elena Cunningham, and Ms. Lillian Moran led the development of the entire series of prep courses, an effort that required substantial planning, content creation, iterative changes, and administering exams: One course each semester built upon and included materials from previous semesters (e.g., the Spring D3 INBDE prep course contained principles from D1, D2, and D3). Each course consisted of a weekly quiz and students were provided with the rationale and evidence for each answer. The weekly quiz format and the ability to check their own knowledge allowed our students to identify areas that they needed to focus on. Educational Technology worked closely with Academic Affairs, the INBDE Prep Course Directors, and the content contributors to make the project truly integrated and user friendly. Each item was mapped to the 56 clinical content areas and the 10 foundation knowledge areas defined by the Joint Commission on National Board Dental Examinations. While the process was time consuming and labor intensive, the significant investment in supporting our students’ success clearly has paid off.”

In addition to the INBDE prep courses, D3 and rising D4 students were required to take and pass a series of three Mock Board examinations.

Everyone at NYU Dentistry is incredibly proud of this effort and these results. It demonstrates the laudable commitment of our faculty to our students.

Faculty Contributors: INBDE Prep and Mock Boards

Department Faculty
Cariology & Comprehensive Care Barnett Bucklan
Fabiola Milord
John Strange
Kenneth Allen
Lucretia DePaola-Cefola
Samar Tannous
Leslie Smithey
Sue Chhay
Scott Podell
Endodontics Davide Cuocolo
Asgeir Sigurdsson
Epidemiology & Health Promotion Ananda Dasanayake
Molecular Pathobiology Eric Baker
Andrew I. Spielman
Cristian Stefan
David Levy
Elena Cunningham
Elisabeth Lopez
Evgeny Pavlov
Jean-Pierre Saint-Jeannet
Jessica Manser
Joel Schiff
Johanna Warshaw
Juhee Jeong
Louis Terracio
Ronaldo Hirata
Shuang Liang
Wenbo Yan
Xin Li
Shoshana Yakar
Nigel Bunnett
Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology, Radiology and Medicine

Analia Veitz-Keenan
Arthi Kumar
Debra Ferraiolo
Denise Trochesset
James Keenan
Jeanine Stabulas
David Sirois
Ross Kerr
Debra Fischoff
Niloufar Amintavakoli
Silvia Spivakovsky
Sonam Khurana
Isa Pellicciari

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Ken Fleisher
Leslie Abraham
Marci Levine
Robert Glickman
Pediatric Dentistry Alex Sheen
Courtney Chinn
Esther Pincus
Jill Fernandez
Lisa Lian
Amr Moursi
Periodontics Vera Tang
Leena Palomo
Prosthodontics Young Kim
Hijan Moghadam
Liliana Ortiz
Michael Ferguson
Igor Chikunov
Marjan Moghadam
Leila Jahangiri
Orthodontics Mitchell Lipp
Asma Almaidan
Olivier Nicolay