NYU Dentistry Names Honors Program in Aesthetic Dentistry for Alumnus Dr. Michael Apa

NYU College of Dentistry is naming its DDS honors program in aesthetic dentistry for alumnus Michael Apa, DDS (‘03), a leader in aesthetic dentistry and one of the first graduates of the program that will now bear his name.

The naming of the Apa Honors Program in Aesthetic Dentistry recognizes Dr. Apa’s excellence in and contributions to the field of aesthetic dentistry. Beginning in the fall of 2024, the honors program will be housed in the new Apa Aesthetic Suite, a state-of-the-art clinical space on the first floor of NYU Dentistry and the College’s first permanent home for aesthetic dentistry education.

The honors program is an elective course for fourth-year dental students, founded in 2000 and since directed by John Calamia, DMD, the co-developer of Bonded Porcelain Veneer Technology. Dr. Calamia was Dr. Apa’s professor at NYU Dentistry and Dr. Apa credits him with being an influential figure and mentor in his interest and early development in aesthetic dentistry.

“Dr. Michael Apa is one of our most prominent alumni members of the Honors Program in Aesthetics family. I am truly grateful to Michael for providing a permanent home for this program to be housed in the soon-to-be-constructed, state-of-the-art Apa Aesthetic Suite. He has stepped up to the plate and showed his commitment to the continuance of a program that has started him and many others on their journey to provide responsible aesthetic restoration as the focus in their careers,” said Dr. Calamia.

In the Apa Honors Program in Aesthetic Dentistry, students will continue to receive didactic and clinical experience, participating in lectures, seminars, literature reviews, and case presentations as well as dedicated weekly clinical sessions to treat advanced aesthetic cases. The clinical sessions enable students to develop treatment plans and complete aesthetic restorations using a range of cutting-edge materials and methods for inlays, onlays, crowns, porcelain veneers, and ceramic bridges. Students learn to use high-tech equipment for planning and restoration, including CAD/CAM and lasers, as adjuncts to traditional restorative treatment.

Students enter the honors program through a competitive application and interview process; eight to 12 DDS students are accepted to this D4 program.

“At NYU Dentistry, we truly value Dr. Apa's ongoing dedication, vision, and commitment to advancing aesthetic dentistry, making a lasting impact. His pursuit of excellence serves as a source of inspiration to our students,” said Anabella Oquendo, DDS, assistant dean for international programs and director of the Apa Advanced Clinical Fellowship in Aesthetics.

Dr. Apa is one of the world’s leading aesthetic dentists with practices in New York, Los Angeles, and Dubai. Since his graduation from NYU Dentistry two decades ago, Dr. Apa has maintained his connection to the College as a lecturer and mentor. He will be the keynote speaker for NYU Dentistry’s Annual International Programs Alumni Symposium on Nov. 30, and recently received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the NYU Dentistry Alumni Association and Reunion Committee.

Earlier this fall, NYU Dentistry announced that it has named the Apa Advanced Clinical Fellowship in Aesthetics and will establish the Apa Aesthetic Suite in honor of Dr. Apa and his transformational gift to NYU Dentistry.