Global Health Nexus, Fall 2000

ASDA Presents Appreciation Awards

Each year the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) selects a group of faculty, students, alumni, and staff to receive annual appreciation awards for outstanding efforts to advance ASDA activities. Last June Vera W. L. Tang, Class of 2000, received the Richard F. Mascola Award for Leadership.

Other award recipients included Dean Michael C. Alfano, receiving the National ASDA Advocate Award, Dr. Herbert H. Frommer, receiving the National ASDA Faculty Award, and Associate Dean Stuart M. Hirsch, receiving the ASDA Appreciation Award. Additional recipients of the ASDA Appreciation Award were Ms. Ilsa Klinghoffer, director of patient services; Mr. Jeff Bengert, assistant director of student affairs; Ms. Novella Jones, director of admissions; and Dr. Maxim Sulla, Class of 2000. Receiving the ASDA Journalism Awards were Dr. Milton Palat; Dr. Michael Kapner, Class of 1998; and Michael Gelfman, Class of 2001.