Global Health Nexus, Fall 2000

Promoting Our Own

Dr. Paul A. Rosenberg, professor and chairman of the Dr. Ignatius N. and Sally Quartararo Department of Endodontics and director of the Advanced Education Program in Endodontics, has been named associate dean for graduate programs. In his new role, Dr. Rosenberg is responsible for establishing excellence in postgraduate education through the creation of a more integrated group of specialty programs.

Dr. Andrew I. Spielman has been named head of the Division of Biological Science, Medicine, and Surgery. Dr. Spielman will oversee the following departments: Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Hospital Dentistry, Oral Pathology, and Oral Medicine. A major focus of the division will be on the relationship between oral and systemic diseases and their therapies.

Dr. James Kaim, formerly professor of restorative and prosthodontic sciences and director of operative dentistry, has been named chairman of the Department of Cariology and Operative Dentistry. A priority for Dr. Kaim is to move the new department from a surgical model to a medical model by emphasizing prevention rather than surgical intervention.

Dr. Linda R. Rosenberg has been named chairman of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, home of the largest pediatric community outreach program in the nation. Dr. Rosenberg had been serving as acting chair of the department since 1998. She is the first woman to chair a clinical department at the NYU College of Dentistry.

Dr. Ralph V. Katz, director of the M.S. Program in Clinical Research, has been named chairman of the Department of Epidemiology and Health Promotion. The creation of this department recognizes the importance of epidemiology and health promotion in dentistry and the dentist’s role not only in treating disease in the individual patient but also in the community at large.

Dr. Robert M. Davidson has been named chairman of the Department of Periodontics. Among his priorities for the department: integrating the fourth-year clinical and didactic experience into the first three years of the curriculum; creating a single community of scholars with a progressive approach to teaching periodontics; and using targeted pharmacoprevention to manage periodontal disease.

Dr. Robert Glickman has been named chairman of the Dr. Anthony S. Mecca Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Glickman had been serving as acting chair of the department since 1999. Among Dr. Glickman’s goals are increased collaboration with the NYU School of Medicine; attracting a faculty trained both in oral and maxillofacial surgery and the biomedical sciences; and increasing the exposure of predoctoral students to the hospital setting.

Dr. Gustavo Cruz, an associate research scientist and associate director of the NYU Minority Oral Health Research Center (MOHRC), has been named Director of Public Health and Health Promotion and assistant professor of epidemiology and health promotion. In addition to directing the Office of Public Health and Health Promotion, Dr. Cruz will teach in the new MS Program in Clinical Research, as well as in the DDS program.