Global Health Nexus, Fall 2000

Rosenthal Institute Receives Gift from Cosmedent, Inc.

Cosmedent, Inc., a Chicago-based dental products company, has made a gift of $100,001 to NYU Dentistry in support of the Larry Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry. Named for Dr. Larry Rosenthal, Class of 1972, a nationally recognized leader in the field of aesthetic dentistry, the institute, when completed, will house the nation’s first comprehensive program in an academic dental center to train dentists and foster research in aesthetic dentistry and to provide moderate-cost aesthetic dental care.

The person responsible for this gift is Dr. K. William (“Buddy”) Mopper, cofounder and chairman of Cosmedent, Inc.

“We are thrilled that Cosmedent, Inc., has chosen to join NYU Dentistry in making the Larry Rosenthal Institute a reality,” said Dean Alfano. “Buddy Mopper, like Larry Rosenthal, is a visionary and a person of great achievement. We thank him and Cosmedent, Inc., president Michael O’Malley for supporting Larry Rosenthal and NYU Dentistry in this venture, and we are delighted to recognize Cosmedent, Inc., as a founder of the Rosenthal Institute.”

Discussions are in progress with many other companies that are expected to join Cosmedent as major supporters of the institute.