In Remembrance

Dr. Abedelhameed Ahmed Abdelwahab, Class of 1995

Dr. Charles David Atkinson, Class of 1987

Dr. Michel D. Baron, Class of 1963

Dr. Roy Carson, Class of 1969

Dr. Roger M. Casulli, Class of 1966

Dr. Stephen J. Cuchel, Class of 1964

Dr. Allen M. Dresher, Class of 1984

Dr. Harvey Stuart Evans, Class of 1959

Dr. Jeffrey Feingold, Class of 1971

Dr. Theodore Fields, Class of 1960

Dr. Lawrence Furie, Class of 1950

Dr. Peter Gershenson, Class of 1983; clinical assistant professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery

Dr. Lionel Gold, Class of 1948

Dr. Steven Gerald Goodman, Class of 1968

Dr. Stanley Greenberg, Class of 1959

Dr. Elliott Monroe Greenfield, Class of 1960

Dr. Edward Greenfield, Advanced Education Program in Endodontics, Class of 1957

Dr. Barry J. Grossman, Class of 1978

Dr. Edmond Haven, Class of 1963

Dr. Kenneth Hilson, Class of 1973

Dr. Jack Hirsch, Class of 1955

Dr. Gerry Hoffman, Class of 1955

Dr. Arthur A. Kahn, Class 1948

Dr. Arnold Klafter, clinical associate professor in the Department of Cariology & Comprehensive Care


Dr. Sanford Klein, Class of 1967

Dr. Ruslan Korobeinik, Class of 2001

Dr. Howard Krigsman, adjunct clinical instructor in the Department of Cariology & Comprehensive Care

Dr. Jack Lampis, Class of 1967

Dr. Peter W.C. Lee, Class of 1988

Dr. Christopher Madison, Class of 1976

Dr. Arthur Mashberg, Class of 1949

Dr. Arthur McGonagle, Class of 1961

Dr. Thomas Patrick McHugh, Class of 1955

Dr. James T. McNeil, Class of 1948

Dr. Thomas A. O’Neill, Class of 1986

Dr. Sherman Pessin, Class of 1945

Dr. Sidney Rosen, Advanced Education Program in Endodontics, Class of 1970

Dr. Peter Ross, Class of 1946

Dr. David Rothman, Class of 1969

Dr. Richard Joseph Saccaro, Class of 1966

Dr. Robert Schaler, Class of 1967

Dr. Howard W. Schneider, Class of 1987

Dr. Robert Siegel, Class of 1958

Dr. Michael Slutzky, Class of 1965

Dr. Hector Sotomayer, Jr., Class of 1985

Dr. Richard Topol, Class of 1963

Dr. Erich Witzel, Class of 1959

Dr. Herbert Westrich, Class of 1979, adjunct clinical assistant professor in the Department of Cariology & Comprehensive Care

Dianne_Rekow (1)

The Passing of Dr. Dianne Rekow

It is with deep regret that Global Health Nexus records the passing of Dr. Dianne Rekow, former professor and chair of the Department of Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology (now the Department of Molecular Pathobiology). 

A multitalented, multi-credentialed clinician and researcher, Dr. Rekow held an MS in mechanical engineering, a PhD in biomedical engineering, and a certificate in orthodontics, all from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, and an MBA from the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Prior to joining NYU in 2002, she had been professor and chair of the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey (UMDNJ) Dental School.

Dianne’s career trajectory at NYU was nothing short of extraordinary. In 2007, when discussions were underway concerning NYU’s possible merger with Polytechnic University, then NYU President John Sexton named Dianne Special Advisor to the President and the Provost on Engineering, and, as the merger process proceeded, as senior vice president of engineering technology at NYU and Provost of Polytechnic Institute at NYU. This process culminated in the establishment of a single entity which subsequently became the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. 

After a distinguished career at NYU, Dianne left the University 2012 to become executive dean of the Dental Institute and professor of orthodontics at King’s College London, where she served from 2012 to 2016. In 2014, she joined the Henry Schein Board of Directors, where her contributions included serving as a member of the Board’s Strategic Advisory Committee. 

Dianne’s principal research interests focused on the performance of new dental materials and on advancing the development of digital dentistry. She held a number of patents in the dental field and authored or contributed to more than 100 publications. She also served as president of both the International Association for Dental Research and the American Association of Dental Research and was elected to the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons in the UK.

For all her professional accomplishments, Dianne Rekow remained always a warm, accessible, supportive colleague and friend. Her impact on the profession and on the hearts and mind of all those who knew her will never fade.



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