Global Health Nexus, Millennium Issue

Dentrix Goes Live

Throughout the past year, faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to prepare for the transition to a new, technology-based clinic management system developed by Dentrix, Inc., a subdivision of Henry Schein, Inc. Beginning September 1, the specially designed, multiclinic system -- known as the Dentrix Enterprise Solution -- was up and operational, and the entire NYU Dentistry community quickly became acclimated to the advanced technology. Calling it "a major tool that will enable NYU Dentistry to remain competitive in the 21st century," Dean Alfano explained that the system, which uses one unified database, will not only capture clinic management data, but also will codify patient treatment and payment records, analyze reports, and integrate data, thereby providing students with enhanced practice management skills and patients with a more efficient, integrated approach to care, and significantly boosting NYU Dentistry's research capabilities.

All the people involved with this immense task -- which was superimposed on already busy professional schedules -- deserve a huge vote of thanks for devoting considerable time and energy to making Dentrix come alive at NYU Dentistry. Everyone gave generously of themselves, in a positive spirit and without complaint, and we are privileged to salute them in these pages.

A very special "Thank you!" goes out to our friends at Henry Schein, Inc., who provided the College with a substantial grant to allow for the development of the entire "Enterprise version" of the Dentrix software.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made Dentrix a reality:

Van Afes
Saul Bahn
Linda Baez
Ira Beresnoy
Kathy Birch
Ron Craig
Steve Donofrio
Dan Ferraro
Michael George
Ira Gulker
Neal Herman
Stuart Hirsch
Cleo Irazarry
Solomon Jackson
Don Joyner
Ross Kerr

Racquel LeGeros
Elizabeth Leonard
Mitchell Lipp
Glenn Marrus
Patricia May
Harry Meeker
Richard Menon
Tykieyen Moore
Frederick More
Carolyn Nup
Francis Panno
May Roberts
David Romand
Albert Rosado
Linda Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg
Martin Roy
Stephanie Russell
Ruben Safir
Lawrence Salman
Warren Scherer
Allan Schulman
Allen Solden
Ashok Soni
Andrew Spielman
Alvin Stameisen
Shirley Thompson
Ajitesh Tiwari
Robin Webb
Cheryl Westphal