Global Health Nexus, Millennium Issue

NYU Dentistry to Create Faculty and Staff Development Center

Guided by the conviction that dental education and care at NYU will only be as strong as the expertise and skills of its faculty and staff, the College has made a commitment to these teachers, assistants, and colleagues of tomorrow's leaders to provide a resource specifically for their continuing professional development.

In announcing the center, Dean Alfano said, "We have now arrived at that point in NYU Dentistry's history when we need to look after the professional needs and aspirations of our own community and to invest in ourselves as an interrelated community of learners. The Faculty and Staff Development Center offers an exciting new opportunity to achieve this goal by providing formal, supportive frameworks as well as the latest technologies for faculty and staff to continue to develop their teaching, administrative, and service skills and, in so doing, enhance the educational, research, and patient care environment at the College. I believe that the center will undertake some of the most important work at the College in future years."

Each department at the College contributed two percent of its budget to fund the center, thereby permitting NYU Dentistry to allocate two percent of its total controllable operating budget to the project. NYU Dentistry is recruiting an educational specialist to direct the center, and Dean Alfano has appointed a Faculty and Staff Development Commission, chaired by Dr. Linda R. Rosenberg, associate professor and acting chairman of pediatric dentistry and acting head of the Division of Growth and Developmental Sciences, to formulate specific guidelines under which the center will operate.