Global Health Nexus, Spring 1999

NYU Dentistry Names its first Quality Assurance Officer

Glenn Marrus has been named the College's first quality assurance officer. "With his 23 years of experience as clinic administrator at NYU Dentistry and his singular commitment to quality, Glenn is exactly the right person to take on this critical responsibility," said Dean Michael C. Alfano. "As director of institutional quality assurance, reporting directly to me, Glenn will have the authority to audit every aspect of our academic programs, business functions, clinical operations, and infrastructure support. He will also develop quality assurance guidelines for review and implementation by the Executive Management Council.""My primary aim," commented Mr. Marrus, "is to see that 'accountability' becomes the key word among all of us who work and study at NYU Dentistry. We all need to know what the appropriate protocols are and to develop an integrated approach toward our goal of providing quality care." Added Mr. Marrus, "This has been my dream job ever since arriving at NYU Dentistry. I couldn't be happier."