Global Health Nexus, Spring 1999

NYU Dentistry Salutes Violet Winners

For the past 10 years, New York University has sponsored a campuswide employee recognition program, the "Give a Violet" campaign. The "Give a Violet" program is designed to highlight the accomplishments of staff members who have gone out of their way in performing their jobs and serving others. College of Dentistry staff have won an unusually high number of Violet awards and it's our pleasure to salute them in this first issue of Global Health NEXUS. We are proud to recognize them for the help they give to students, other staff, faculty, and the general public by resolving difficult problems or smoothing the way through a complex procedure. These are some of the people who have added tangibly to the College's reputation as a caring institution of the highest quality, and we thank them for making the extra effort that makes the College such a special place to be.

NYU College of Dentistry Violet Winners

Michael Ellison, 1997
Jyoti Brahmbhatt, 1996
Isabel Gonzalez-Soto, 1994
Carmelita Maurentt, 1993
Alexia-Mia Freyre-Hernandez, 1992
Yolanda Caraballo, 1991
Kathy Gray, 1990
Margarita Ramirez, 1990
Albert Rosado, 1990
Marilyn Crespo, 1989