Global Health Nexus, Spring 2000

Dr. Paul A. Rosenberg Receives NYU Distinguished Teaching Award

The NYU Distinguished Teaching Award, which recognizes faculty members who have contributed significantly to the intellectual life of the University through their teaching, was presented to Dr. Paul A. Rosenberg, at the University's annual Founders Day Convocation in April. Dr. Rosenberg was one of four NYU faculty members to receive the 1999-2000 Distinguished Teaching Award.

The Distinguished Teaching Award is NYU's highest honor for teaching, a distinction attained only by the finest teachers. It affirms the University's commitment to teaching and to fostering a positive learning environment for all students of NYU.

Dr. Rosenberg joined the NYU dental faculty in 1963 as a teaching assistant in the Department of Endodontics. He currently serves as professor and chairman of the Dr. Ignatius N. and Sally Quartararo Department of Endodontics; director of the Advanced Education Program in Endodontics; acting head of the Division of Surgical Sciences; and interim chairman of the Department of Periodontics.

In his letter nominating Dr. Rosenberg for the Distinguished Teaching Award, Dean Alfano wrote, "Paul Rosenberg is approachable, available, warm, generous with his time, outgoing, an advocate for NYU and the profession, and, most important, he genuinely likes students. A visit to our endodontics clinic makes it immediately apparent that he has created a very special environment. An aura of collegiality and teamwork envelops everyone -- students, teachers, patients, and staff -- and despite the fact that one does not usually associate root canal therapy with pleasure, people appear to be having fun. I am convinced that this is because Paul is on the clinic floor setting a personal example of compassionate patient care and professional camaraderie, which his students eagerly emulate."

For nearly 37 years, Dr. Rosenberg has enriched the academic life of New York University and its College of Dentistry as a superb, compassionate, and inspiring teacher, role model, and mentor. Class after class, year after year, he has made students his top priority -- both in the classroom and beyond. NYU Dentistry congratulates Dr. Rosenberg on receiving this wonderful, well-deserved award in tribute to a master of the art of teaching.