Global Health Nexus, Spring 2000

In Memoriam

NYU Dentistry Mourns the Loss Of Dr. Edward C. McNulty

The College of Dentistry is mourning the loss of Dr. Edward C. McNulty, clinical professor and acting chairman of the Department of Orthodontics, who passed away suddenly in April.

A past-president of the American College of Dentists, Dr. McNulty joined the NYU Dentistry faculty in 1995, and directed the Advanced Program in Orthodontics for International Dentists for several years prior to becoming acting chair of orthodontics. A highlight of his professional career was working at the University of Adelaide in Australia under the direct supervision of Dr. P.R. Begg.

Dr. McNulty was teaching in the College’s clinics when he died. His loss diminishes us all.

New York University College of Dentistry Alumni and Faculty Passings

Reported over the last year:

Dr. Joseph A. Cohen, '26*
Dr. Edward M. Ferguson, ’52
Dr. Stanley C. Goldstein, ‘61
Dr. William Greenfield, ’52
Dr. Michael I. Haber, ’34
Dr. Ralph F. Kanders, ’46
Dr. Richard Koppel, ’51
Dr. Robert Mossack, ‘81
Dr. Edward C. McNulty
Dr. Alberto L. Robertson, ‘49
Dr. Harold Schwartz
Dr. Samuel Weber, ’43

*Until his death last August, Dr. Cohen was the oldest living graduate of NYU.