Global Health Nexus, Summer 2002

First Administrators Retreat Explores Link Between Individual Productivity and Organizational Success

There are tools for every trade, including leading a professionally and personally rewarding life. That was the theme of NYU Dentistry’s first-ever administrators retreat entitled “How to Get What You Want—On and Off the Job.” Over 50 administrators participated in the overnight event held at the Doral Arrowwood resort and conference center in Rye, New York in April. Led by Dr. Julie P. Kantor, a psychologist specializing in helping organizations succeed by helping people progress, the retreat provided the administrators with an opportunity for structured professional development away from the workplace and with the tools to work together more effectively.

“We wanted to send a clear message to NYU Dentistry’s administrators that they are key to the College’s mission,” said Dr. Stuart M. Hirsch, associate dean for development and international programs. “Our intention was both to facilitate the professional goals and objectives of our administrators and to build a stronger sense of community in order to propel NYU Dentistry forward.”

While the formal program dealt with how to develop and use a strategic mindset in order to increase personal productivity, an added benefit was the opportunity to socialize with colleagues at a gorgeous resort located on 114 acres in Westchester County. Congratulations to Tamu al-Islam, director of human resources and administrative services, and to Tracy Kamens, acting director of the Faculty-Staff Development Center, for arranging a stimulating and fun program.