Global Health Nexus, Summer 2003

ABC 7 and Colgate-Palmolive Join NYU Dentistry in Cosponsoring Free Oral Health Screenings for 3,500 New Yorkers

From Tuesday, April 22, through Saturday, April 26, NYU Dentistry opened its doors to more than 3,500 New York adults and children for five days of free oral health screenings, plus oral cancer exams, sealants and mouth guards for children, and full denture replacements for senior citizens. Two new services were also added to the screening program: blood glucose testing and an on-site panel of experts, who provided screening participants the opportunity to “Ask the Experts” any question about oral health.

NYU Dentistry's long time screening partner, ABC 7, once again led a vigorous campaign of public service announcements in advance of the screening week, and popular ABC 7 meteorologist Sam Champion hosted the screenings and broadcast stories directly from the College on cutting-edge issues in dentistry, including the dentist’s role in monitoring the diabetic patient and the link between periodontal disease and preterm, low birth-weight infants. This year, for the first time, NYU Dentistry and ABC 7 were joined by a new partner, Colgate-Palmolive, which provided complimentary oral health products.

“With so many people in need,” said Dean Alfano, NYU Dentistry, ABC 7, and Colgate-Palmolive felt it essential to join forces in order to offer as much free care as possible to the people of New York. The screening week was a massive undertaking, and in addition to thanking our media and corporate partners, I also want to recognize Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs Dr. Francis V. Panno and his team, who coordinated a flawless event. Indeed, everyone at NYU Dentistry worked very hard to make it successful and should feel extremely proud of their contribution to increased access to health care for New Yorkers.”