Global Health Nexus, Summer 2003

Looking for a Way to Increase Your Investment Income and Make a Gift to Alma Mater?

In these days of low market interest rates, you can do both with the NYU Charitable Gift Annuity. How? It’s simple. For a gift of as little as $5,000, the University will pay annual income to you and/or your designee for life, after which the University will use the remaining gift assets for the purpose you specify. And it’s a tax-wise strategy—you obtain an income tax deduction, and if you make your gift with appreciated stock you avoid up-front capital gains tax.

The NYU Charitable Gift Annuity can help you accomplish personal and family financial objectives. Your gift can pay income to you alone, or to your spouse or another individual as well. Your income can begin immediately, or you can direct that the income begin at a specified date in the future, such as your retirement. It’s rewarding tax-wise and simple, and it adds up to an intelligent investment for you and NYU.

Representative Gift Annuity Rates (Immediate Payment of Income – One-Life)

Age at Date of Gift


65 6.3%
70 6.7%
75 7.3%
80 8.3%
85 9.7%
90+ 11.5%

The Right Choice—For the Right Reasons

The NYU Charitable Gift Annuity expands the range of choices for donors like you who want to support New York University and its College of Dentistry. With your contribution of $5,000 or more, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • A high level of income for life
  • An immediate income tax deduction
  • Unlock appreciated and low-yielding assets while avoiding capital gains tax
  • Partially tax-free income
  • Freedom from asset management concerns
  • Choose income to begin immediately or in the future
  • Choose to have income paid to yourself and/or a loved one
  • Membership in the NYU Society of the Torch

Take the Next Step

It’s simple to establish your own NYU Charitable Gift Annuity. Call Rita Startup, Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Programs, at (212) 998-9920, or email her at, and she will provide specific information about the income and tax advantages of the gift annuity based on your own circumstances.