Global Health Nexus, Summer 2003

NYU Dentistry in the News

Fox 5-TV News

Interviewed Dr. Rima Bachiman Sehl, Associate Professor and Associate Chairwoman, Department of Epidemiology & Health Promotion, on when people should visit a dentist.

Fox 5-TV News

Showed a videoclip of the Smiling Faces, Going Places van at City Hall to lobby for funding.


Health and Science Editor Dr. Max Gomez broadcast an interview with Dr. Dennis P. Tarnow, Professor and Chairman of the Ashman Department of Implant Dentistry, on the effects of bone resorption on dentures. The broadcast showed Dr. Tarnow performing an implant procedure on a senior citizen with this condition, and Dr. Tarnow made a powerful case for every patient with a lower denture having at least two implants placed to preserve the bone so that the denture can be retained for many years.

In a separate broadcast to promote the April 2003 free oral cancer screening sponsored by the Oral Cancer Consortium, Dr. Gomez interviewed Dr. Jonathan Ship, Professor of Oral Medicine and Director of the Bluestone Center for Clinical Research, on the risk factors for oral cancer and the importance of early detection.

The Discovery Channel

Videotaped a corrective surgery procedure on a woman with an upper and lower jaw deformity performed by Dr. Stuart Super, Director of the Dr. Stuart and Tibby Super Center for Dento-Facial Deformities and Corrective Jaw Surgery.

The Discovery Channel’s

Canadian affiliate broadcast a program featuring Dr. Page Caufield, Head of the Division of Diagnostics, Infectious Disease, and Health Promotion, on how oral bacteria foster immunization in infants.

ABC7 Eyewitness News

Medical Reporter Dr. Jay Adlersberg interviewed Dr. Andrew Spielman, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, about trimethylaminuria, or TMA, a condition in which people emit a strong body odor as the result of damage to an enzyme that normally gets rid of the smelly byproducts of food breakdown.


Interviewed Dr. Anthony Vernillo, Professor of Oral Pathology, on the link between oral health and diabetes, and Dr. David Sirois, Head of the Division of Reconstructive and Comprehensive Care, on the relationship between periodontal disease and preterm, low birth-weight deliveries. Both stories were broadcast during the free oral health screening week for New Yorkers cosponsored in April by NYU Dentistry, ABC 7, and Colgate-Palmolive.