Global Health Nexus, Summer 2003

Bashes, Barbecues, and Beat-the-Blah Blasts: NYU Dentistry Students, Faculty, and Staff Build Camaraderie and Community

For the past five years, NYU Dentistry has pursued an ambitious agenda designed to take innovation in dental education, research, and clinical care to a new level. Anyone who has spent time at NYU Dentistry during this period, or has been reading Global Health Nexus, knows that we are making amazing progress toward our goal. One reason is the profoundly intertwined community of students, faculty, and staff that has developed on campus. NYU Dentistry has become a place where the commitment to make a difference by working together has never mattered more. And part of the reason for the growing spirit of camaraderie comes from the campus-wide social events that Dean Alfano introduced to bring us all together at various times throughout the academic year. In addition to the annual winter holiday bash, and the beginning of summer barbecue, last March there was an added opportunity to party at a “beat the winter blahs” event held at the famed Copacabana in New York City.