Global Health Nexus, Summer 2003

Part-Time Faculty Honored for the First Time at
Longer-Service Awards Ceremony

Last February, for the first time, NYU Dentistry’s part-time faculty participated in the College’s annual Longer-Service Awards Program, which recognizes individuals for a job well done over extended periods of time. In the past, Longer-Service Awards had gone exclusively to full-time faculty, administrators, and staff. 

“We owe our part-time faculty a huge debt of gratitude,” said Dean Alfano, “and we are now using multiple vehicles to express our appreciation. Part-time faculty are invited to the annual graduation ceremony; they serve on all major committees at the College; they have their own Advisory Committee to the Dean; they are invited to all College-wide parties; they are granted pro rata voting rights; and now they are honored both in Global Health Nexus and at our service awards ceremony. But we can never do enough to thank them.”

30-Year Service Awards

Dr. Juliet Y. Kafka-Bergen
General Dentistry and Management Science
Dr. Richard A. Kiman

25-Year Faculty Service Awards

General Dentistry and Management Science
Dr. Gabriel Fulop
Dr. Steven Lee

20-Year Faculty Service Awards

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Jack P. Barak
Dr. Marvin Carmen
Oral Pathology
Dr. Paul D. Freedman
General Dentistry and Management Science
Dr. Stanley H. Heller
Hospital Dentistry
Dr. William F. Ward

15-Year Faculty Service Awards

Dr. Sanford J. Bier
Dr. Richard Sheinblatt
Cariology and Operative Dentistry
Dr. Barnett Bucklan
Orthodontics and Implant Dentistry
Dr. Frank Celenza, Jr.
General Dentistry and Management Science
Dr. Terencia S. Conejero
Dr. Robert A. Danti
Dr. Samuel T. Jung
Dr. Irving L. Shapiro
Dr. Stanley A. Small
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Paul S. Kaufman
Dr. Gustave Lasoff
Dr. Rolland Rogers
Dr. Anthony A. Sirianni
Implant Dentistry
Dr. Leonard I. Linkow
Oral Medicine
Dr. Steven R. Rosenblith
Dr. Howard A. Weiner

10-Year Faculty Service Awards

General Dentistry and Management Science
Mr. Vincent Alleluia Mr. Paul Federico
Dr. Dolores M. Franklin
Dr. George L. Hoffman
Dr. Nahid Javahery-Maroff
Dr. David Korris
Dr. Martin J. Lapidus Mr. Patrick E. Reid
Dr. Frank Resillez-Urioste
Dr. Stewart Rosenblatt
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Philip Artenberg
Dr. Morton Brod
Dr. Clarence Calman
Dr. Regina Landesberg
Dr. Gayle T. Miranda
Dr. Peter Babick
Dr. Les Muldorf
Dr. Debra H. Cohn
Dr. Caroline Grasso
Dr. Alexander Kmeta
Dr. Todd H. Lerner
Epidemiology & Health Promotion
Ms. Nancy F. Fink Periodontics
Dr. Luis Fujimoto Orthodontics
Dr. Trevor R. Gottfried
Dr. Robert H. Harris
Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Steven R. Grossman
Dental Hygiene
Ms. Rosemary Hays
Ms. Susan H. Schroeder-Davide
Diagnostic Science and Urgent Care
Dr. Thomas G. Jacoby
Oral Medicine
Dr. Ram D. Phull