Global Health Nexus, Winter 2002

Leadership Team Formed to Raise Funds for New Graduate Center for Clinical Excellence

An exciting new initiative underway at NYU Dentistry is destined to change forever the course of specialty education and care. A group of current and former faculty members, including directors of the advanced education programs at NYU Dentistry, have come together to spearhead an effort to raise funds for the creation of a Graduate Center for Clinical Excellence (GCCE). The GCCE will house a highly-networked community of postdoctoral specialty training programs dedicated to providing both state-of-the-art specialty training and a consulting and referral service for specialists and other dentists with challenging cases.

The GCCE Leadership Team includes Dr. Paul A. Rosenberg, associate dean for postgraduate programs and director of the Advanced Education Program in Endodontics; Dr. Francis V. Panno, associate dean for clinical affairs and professor of prosthodontics; Dr. Dennis P. Tarnow, professor and chairman of the Ashman Department of Implant Dentistry and director of the training program in implant dentistry; Dr. Robert S. Glickman, professor and chairman of the Mecca Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and director of the NYU/Bellevue Residency Program in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Dr. S. Sigmund Stahl, professor emeritus of periodontics and former director of the Advanced Education Program in Periodontics; and Dr. Gerald Borell, professor emeritus of orthodontics and former director of the Advanced Education Program in Orthodontics.

All the GCCE Leadership Team members have pledged individual gifts of $15,000 to fund one treatment room in their respective specialty areas within the GCCE, and are asking specialty program alumni to join them in this effort.

According to Dr. Stuart M. Hirsch, associate dean for development and international programs, “The new GCCE will have the look and feel of the finest specialty practices in Manhattan. It will comprise three full floors at the College. Patients will arrive through a separate entrance and will take an elevator maintained exclusively for their use. There will be a smooth flow of both patients and faculty from discipline to discipline, always with a focus on the good of the patient. NYU Dentistry will take special care to reinforce the referring doctor’s role as the patient’s primary specialist and to make clear our role as a consultant. We believe that this collaborative approach will promote the finest patient care and speed the transfer of new knowledge from generation to generation.”

For more information, contact Dr. Hirsch at (212) 998-9950