Global Health Nexus, Winter 2004

A Big Thank-You!

From P.S. 4

When students from P.S. 4, a Brooklyn elementary school for physically challenged youngsters, wanted to express their appreciation to the Smiling Faces, Going Places mobile dental care team for the care they received, they sent a giant “thank-you” card with all their signatures to Mrs. Connie Turner, the van’s administrator. “This kind of appreciation makes us value every minute of our job,” said Mrs. Turner. Dr. Anthony Johnson, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, and the supervising dentist for the van program, added, “Although we’re used to receiving thank-you notes from school principals and nurses, it’s especially charming when it comes directly from the kids.”

And from Assemblyman Thomas Alfano

Speaking of Smiling Faces, Going Places, we thought you would be interested in the letter on the left from Assemblyman Thomas W. Alfano (no relation to Dean Alfano), who represents the 21st Assembly District in Nassau County.

And from Some of Our Patients

From time to time, Global Health Nexus will print letters from grateful patients, who have written to tell us about the excellent care they received at NYU Dentistry. A patient since 1961 spoke of the high quality care provided by our students. Another correspondent, a native of Jamaica, who wanted us to know that she has “never forgotten all the free dental work when I was in need,” enclosed a Jamaican guide book and a check for $10, with her thanks.