Global Health Nexus, Winter 2004

In Remembrance

Dr. Alfred A. Hallarman, Class of 1942. A leading prosthodontist and educator with more than four decades of service to NYU Dentistry. Dr. Hallarman was beloved and admired by generations of students and colleagues.

Dr. Ira E. Klein, Class of 1934. A distinguished member of the NYU Dentistry prosthodontics faculty for over 50 years. Dr. Klein was also an effective advocate for private support for the College, exemplified by his ability to secure a major gift from Arnold and Marie Schwartz to establish the Schwartz Hall of Dental Sciences in 1978.

Dr. Alvin M. Sackler, Class of 1943. Dr. Sackler, a noted periodontist, former NYU Dentistry faculty member, and dear friend, was honored with the naming in 1995 of the Dr. Alvin M. Sackler Distinguished Lectures in Oral Medicine, which were made possible by a grant from the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation.

Dr. William B. Sweder, Class of 1936. A member of the oral and maxillofacial surgery faculty for nearly seven decades. Dr. Sweder was a model of alumni devotion, professional excellence, and compassion.

Dr. Augustus J. Valauri, Class of 1949. Dr. Valauri, a pioneer in the area of maxillofacial prosthetics and maxillofacial surgical reconstruction, was a founding member of the Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the NYU Medical Center. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Valauri held clinical professorships at both NYU Dentistry and the NYU Medical Center.

Dr. Milton B. Wolin, Class of 1951. Dr. Wolin maintained a private practice in Brooklyn for nearly 50 years.