Global Health Nexus, Winter 2004

Looking for Income in All the Wrong Places?
Make the Right Choice for the Right Reasons: An NYU Charitable Gift Annuity

In these days of low market interest rates, you can provide a high, secure source of income for yourself by contributing to the NYU Charitable Gift Annuity. Earn a higher income than you can get from bonds or CD’s — and make a gift that will ultimately support NYU. Providing for NYU is also a tax-wise investment strategy: You obtain an income tax deduction, and your annuity income will be taxed advantageously to you. If you make your gift with appreciated stock, you avoid up-front capital gains tax, so the entire value of your gift is available to pay you a high level of income. Enjoy the flexibility of income from your gift. Your gift can pay income to you alone, or to you and your spouse, or to another loved one. Begin earning income immediately, or direct that the income begin at a specified date in the future, such as retirement. It’s rewarding, tax-wise, and simple, and it adds up to an intelligent investment for you and NYU.