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NYU College of Dentistry has a very valuable and uniquely assembled dental-related rare book collection. The nearly 1000-volume collection represents a portion of the famous Weinberger Collection. Dr. Bernhard Weinberger (1885-1960), an alumnus of University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (Class of 1910) and a specialist in orthodontics, was on the faculty of NYU Dentistry from 1923-1931 as lecturer in History of Dentistry. A 1931 article in the Dental Survey stated: the collection was... "the most complete orthodontic, rare books, historical and bibliographic dental library in the world”. During the 1950s he decided to sell some of his books at auction. However, a significant portion of his 5000-volume collection ended up in the possession of NYU College of Dentistry in the late 1950s. The books were kept for decades in relative obscurity until being brought back to prominence during the last decade. The library was moved into new quarters in the Dean's Suite on the 10th floor of the Weissmann building and the current effort to digitize it is a deliberate attempt to open to the world.

Please note: In order to protect the fragile copies in our collection, wherever available, we used already scanned copies to link the digital version of the books. However, we have the original copies available to scholars for inspection.

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book 1


Melchior Sachse



book 2

Artzeney Spiegel

Johann Dryedner



book 3

Opuscula Anatomica

Bartolomeo Eustachi



book 4

De Morbo Gallico

Nicolai Massae



book 5

De Aureo dente….

Jacob Horst



book 6

De Morbis Oculorum

Johan van Heurne


book 7

De Dentium Podagra

Johann Stephan


book 8

Conversations de L'Academie

Pierre Bourdelot


book 9

Dissertation Sur Les Dents

Bernardin Martin



book 10

Operator For The Teeth 1687

​Charles Allen

1687 (3rd edition)


book 11

Il Tutto Ristretto in Poco

Giuseppe Colombani


book 12

Le Chirurgien Dentist

Pierre Fauchard

1728, 1746 and 1786​


book 13

Recherche et Observationes…

Etienne Bourdet



book 14

Disorder and Deformities of Teeth…

Thomas Berdmore

1769 (2nd edition)


book 15

The Natural History of the Teeth

John Hunter



book 16

A Treatise On The Human Teeth

Richard C. Skinner



book 17

1804 Dubois de Chemant Write up

DuBois de Chemant



book 19

A Treatise on Oral Deformities…

Norman Kingsley



book 20

Poisons by Micro-Organisms…

G.V. Black



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