De Morbo Gallico (1565)

De Morbo Gallico (1565)




Fracanzano (Jr.), Antonio (1500-1567)
(a.k.a. Antonii Fracantiani, Fracanciani)

Antonio Fracanzani was a professor of Anatomy at the University of Padua and Bologna, teacher, and later colleague of Gabrielle Fallopio (of the Fallopian tube - fame). His most famous work was the work in our collection. The full title of the book is: De morbo gallico fragmenta quaedam elegantissima ex lectionibus anni 1563. Bononiae. Secunda editio.  The translation: On the French disease (syphilis) excerpts of the very elegant lectures from 1563.

Originally published in 1563 as an addendum to Gabrielle Fallopius' study on the same subject. According to the Heirs of Hippocrates, Fallopius' wrote more "knowingly of the Europe-wide scourge of syphilis than previous authors on the subject and was one of the first to oppose the use of mercury in its treatment". Fallopius authored two editions, both of which contained this short study authored by Fracanzani.

In 1566 Fracanzano published in librum Hippocratis de alimento commentarius, the last study he published during his lifetime. Fracanzani claimed that the true author of De Alimento, a study on food and nutrition was authored by the "great" Hippocrates. The authenticity of the study was further enhanced by two additional studies on the subject published in the 16th century by Francisco Valees and Girolamo Cardano.

Editorial notes by Andrew I Spielman.

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