Ludwig Ernst von Könen

De praecipuis Dentium morbis


De praecipuis Dentium morbis

"The principal disease of the teeth" by  Ludovicus Ernestus Koenen - Berolinas (from Berlin).


At the Brandenburg University (Viadriana University) Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany, on May 22, 1713, in front of the faculty and the public, Ludwig Ernst von Könen defended his thesis on the topic of dental diseases. We know very little about Ludwig Ernst von Konen except that of what transpires from his publicly available thesis.

Ludwig Ernst von Könen, of Berlin was a doctoral student in 1713 at Brandenburg University Frankfurt, close to the Polish border. The University, founded in 1506 closed in 1811 and reopened in 1991. This is the same university where Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach, Johann S Bach’s son) and Alexander von Humboldt studied.

Written in Latin, the work appears to be original research, unlike previous dissertations that appeared in the 17th century which were “take home assignments” in todays parlance for graduate students attending the course work of a famous professor.
The 55 page thesis is divided into 9 chapters. It starts with a dedication to Frederick Augustus, Elector of Brandenburg. The book does not appear to contain significant new information. It is a review of the literature in today’s parlance.

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