Disputatio physiologico-medica de saliva (1695)

Disputatio physiologico-medica de saliva (1695)




Hogger, Sebastian (doctoral student) - Professor: Eglinger, Nicolai

To understand the dissertation entitled Disputatio physiologico-medica de saliva, one must understand the medieval doctoral defense process. The professor's lecture notes during a course at the university were distributed to students in the doctoral class in the form of condensed questions, and each doctoral candidate had to respond to those questions in writing, identifying what they understood from the course material. In effect, this was the written exam at the end of a doctoral course and also included a survey of what was known about saliva at the time. The doctoral students' thesis was printed and distributed to professors, guests, the entire senate, and the student's friends and classmates invited to the festive oral defense, a necessary step before the doctoral degree was awarded. The event was festive and took place in the aula of the university. 

Disputatio physiologico-medica de Saliva contains 14 pages. From the cover of the dissertation, we learn a few details about Sebastian Hogger, the doctoral student. He was defending his dissertation thesis with Professor Nicolai Eglinger. We know that Hogger was from St Gallen, Switzerland, and his defense occurred on July 1, 1695.

Edititorial notes by Andrew I Spielman.

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