1778 German translation of the original French, 1775 Edition, Le dentiste observateur: ou recueil abrégé d'observations tant sur les maladies qui attaquent les gencives & les dents, que sur les moyen de les guérir,

Experimental Essays on the Following Subjects: I. On the External Application of Antiseptics in Putrid Diseases. II. On the Doses and Effects of Medicines. III. On Diuretics and Sudorifics (1768).




Honoré-Gaillard Courtois

Gründliche und auf Beobachtungen gestützte Untersuchung der Beschaffenheit und Krankheiten der Zähne: und der Art und Weise sie zu heilen und ihnen vorzubeugen 

Mr. Honoré-Gaillard Courtois, a dentist in Paris, describes “the Diseases which attack the Gums and the Teeth, as well as the means of curing them”. We know very little of his life except he practiced in Paris; after Pierre Fauchard’s seminal book was published in 1728, at least 45 French texts appeared in the next 50 years. Fauchard’s impact can be determined by this fact alone. In England, where John Hunter had the same type of effect 50 years after Fauchard, we see a proliferation of English dental literature at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th. Courtois’ book does not contain any novelty. He recapitulates published knowledge and adds personal experience to it. Nevertheless, the book was translated into German three years after its publication.

Editorial notes by Andrew I Spielman .

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