Recherche Et Observationes Sur Tout Les Partis De L'art Du Dentist

book 1

Etienne Bourdet


Etienne Bourdet was a royal dentist (to strongly influenced by his master and guide, Pierre Fauchard. Published just 11 years after the appearance of the second edition and with Fauchard still alive, Bourdet pays tribute to Fauchard in his introduction.

Throughout his life he published several studies on preserving and treating teeth, several of them was translated into German, Italian and even Russian. His fame let him become the successor of Mouton in 1760 as dentist to Louis XV and later Louis XVI.

The two volumes of “Recherche et Observationes” have a total of 650 pages. It is a systematic study very much guided by Fauchard’s Le Chirurgien Dentist”. The first volume covers the anatomy, and physiology of the teeth and periodontium; the second volume is dedicated to treatment modalities, how to remove, restore, straighten, replace and preserve teeth.

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