A Dissertation On Artificial Teeth

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DuBois De Chemant


DuBois de Chemant became a Master Surgeon in 1788. He collaborated with Alexis Duchateau the first to think of replacing the smelly dentures made of hippopotamus bone and extracted teeth with the use of porcelain. Duchateau lived in Sevres, near Paris where the French porcelain manufacturer was operating. The collaboration of Duchateau and Dubois De Chemant was short lived. The latter claimed full authorship and patent on the invention of the mineral paste to make teeth. The patent is awarded to Du Chemant in 1791 and after a court challenge he retains it.

The book in our collection, A Dissertation on Artificial Teeth, an English translation of the 1799 original French work, was published in 1802. In it he details the process of fabrication of this new method that revolutionized dentistry.

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